By: Angie Simon

Pastor Bill from Lighthouse Church shared with us an amazing story that God intersected members from his church, Feed My Starving Children and Hope 4 Kids International.
Lighthouse Church is based outside on Minneapolis, Minnesota which is also the headquarters for Feed My Starving Children. Pastor Bill has been working with FMSC for years bringing youth and other members of his church to their facilities and packing events. Last July, DeAnn Boecker brought her son and his 5th grade prayer team to FMSC warehouse facilities to pray for food. While walking in the warehouse, an agent from FMSC asked DeAnn if they would like to stop and pray for a random palette of food. She mentioned that the food was being shipped to Uganda. DeAnn was delighted and responded that she was traveling with Hope 4 Kids to Uganda this fall. With a smile on her face from ear to ear, the agent informed DeAnn it was our food for Hope 4 Kids! Incredible!

Monday, November 10, 2008
by Elizabeth Flynn

As most of the team went to Fort Portal I flew to Kenya to meet some of my team orphan staff to go and visit our 100 kids that are in the program spend from Nakuru to the border of Kenya and Uganda. We had lots of fun from going to church on Sunday in Kisumu at Pastor Jesca’s church where I got to help celebrate with some new people getting baptized by handing out certificates. What a great message we heard from a Pastor in Kenya. We then bought Mattress, shoes and blankets and also I was able to bring some backpack for the kids to hand out. Klephas, Joshua and Samuel the field officer were so excited to help bring this joy to the kids. We want to thank all of you as sponsors and as donors that have given money to give out these well needed items to these kids in our program. I hope you enjoy the photos that I have taken of the kids receiving these items. The kids all say thanks.

Tomorrow I will be introducing some of the sponsors to their kids. I am very excited about that because I know this makes their sponsorship even more special then ever.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Praise God!!!! Any one that runs into DeAnn tell her all of her family is proud God is using her to serve His people. We are all praying for her, her husband Scott and the whole team!!! God bless this ministry and all our brothers and sisters of Uganda ~Angie Harteneck

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