Saturday, October 18, 2008
By Angie Simon

This morning we traveled over an hour to visit one of our favorite villages called Mumutumba. Mumutumba is a villaged sponsored through our Adopt a Village program by Seaside Church in Huntington Beach, California. Mumutumba is our model village that has a church, pastor’s house, two-room medical clinic, a well, public latrine, various crops, piggery and a poultry project. We toured the beautiful grounds and then we were on our way to our friend Moses’ house a few minutes down the road.
Moses is one of the most joyful, gracious people we know. We originally met him while Mumutumba was under construction when he helped us out with many of the projects of the village. We dropped in his beautiful compound to say hello and he greeted us with open arms.
Moses gave the team a tour of his compound, introduced us to his family, showed us how to prepare cassava and even gave us an example of how to use the kitchen, the shower area and even the toilet! Moses was definitely a surprise highlight for the trip. We headed back to the hotel for lunch stopping at various water sources on the way for Nate to take different water tests. Most of the team decided to hang back and relax at the hotel while the other prepared to go to Agree’s for some chicken! We ran into a rainstorm on the way to True Vine and waited it out before we drove to Agree’s for dinner. The Brown’s, Lynette, Diane, Patti & Rolfe enjoyed their first taste of the chicken and all the wonderful dishes Rose Mary prepared for us. After an evening of great food and fellowship it was time to return home but not before we pushed the bus. The rain created a lot of mud and we got stuck again. More tree branches and we were on our way. It was just like being in Africa!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am looking forward to visit Mumutumba and Pastor Jessca in a couple of weeks. Thanks for visiting.

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