Friday, October 17, 2008
By Angie Simon

Although everyday gets better and better, today is the day we have been looking for! Team Africa from Rancho Solano was headed to Paya village to dedicate their well and medical clinic. Nate raised money and awareness by doing different drives during Hope 4 Kids week at Rancho’s Hillcrest campus. We learned from local officials that wells and medical clinics are desperately needed in this area. There are eighty-one villages in the sub county of Paya with only four medical clinics serving those villages. The LC shared that they still need at least another five more to serve he people of Paya. The government provides three bore holes a year but many times politician have them put on their land. Also, if a bore hole was dug and they do not find water it still counts as one of the three. Last year, only one bore hole was successfully provided to Paya by the Ugandan government.

The dedication began with kids singing and widows singing. Imagine that? Pastor Wilber fed us with some great words about the well and how it was the “living water”for all of the village. We turned it over to Nate to let him explain Project Living Water and to present the plastic hands that they were to make imprints into the cement. Nate brought hand impressions from different kids at Rancho so he could match them up with hand prints from kids at Paya. The kids loved placing their hand on the clear plastic hands! Mark had the process on lock down and the village kids enjoyed making the impressions. Pator Wilber, Tom, Pastor William from Paya and the Local Chief presented the well to the villagers.

During the well dedication, we had a simultaneous medical outreach in our new medical clinic. It is a two day clinic and villagers walked miles to receive some basic medical care and prescription medications. They were so excited about our new medical clinic was officially open!

The parachute was a huge hit. The teachers had a great time introducing the parachute to them. The kids especially loved dancing and jumping around underneath the parachute. It looked like a mosh pit under there!

It was a great day for all especially for Nate. His vision to bring fresh safe water has now become a reality. Thousands of villagers will be able to drink from this well without having to worry about getting sick from an unsafe water source. Nate’s compassion and dedication is an inspiration to us all. Just think how a vision from a 13 yr old can create such a ripple effect. He reminds us all that we all have the power to make a tangible measurable impact in this world.
Go Nate & Rancho Solano!

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