Thursday, October 16, 2008
By Angie Simon

It was a scorcher today! The sun was out in full force when we arrived at Grace’s, one of the cooks for the Karmamojong children. After family time, the team worked together to construct a new house for Grace. Everyone took turns digging a 2ft. trench around the house to prepare for laying the foundation. We mixed cement and carried hundreds of bricks laying each one down with care. Lisa B. and Lynette placed a bible in the foundation of Grace’s new home. The team worked really hard and many commented it felt great to get out and do some real hands on work. Jessica’ hard work mixed in with the heat from the strong sun caused her to feel light headed and came close to fainting. She took a little break and is good as new! During the construction, Angie met with Pastor Ruth and our customs clearance agent, Hussein for nearly four hours about the process of how to successfully ship in our food while avoiding the pitfalls. Hussein is a total blessing to Hope 4 Kids. He’s angel that was sent to us. Pastor Ruth says, “God will take care of this food because it is for his children.” Hussein whole heartedly explained the shipping process until we understood every last detail and he did it with a smile on his face. We feel confident that we will be able to receive our food without any hiccups. Hussein has already explained ways how we can save a couple thousand dollars for future shipping. What an eventful day and we haven’t even had lunch!

After lunch, most of the team headed to our animal farm project while some of the girls relaxed at the hotel for a little R & R. We presented Inno’s mom, Anna Rose with party dresses for her own dress rental shop. She was thrilled to get them and it will be fun seeing how her business takes off!

We continued down to our agricultural farm project off 200+ acres. Lisa, aka Village Girl was happy sitting with the village kids and cows. Patti, Rolfe, Diane, Mark and Tom walked along different plots of various crops. Rachel frolicked in the sunflowers and Lynette prayed a special blessing over Eric Sabitti. On the way home, Nate gathered water samples for his special science project. He is testing water samples from various water points throughout the district to test if the water is really safe enough to drink.

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