Wednesday, October 15, 2008
by Angie Simon

What an amazing day! The team started their morning by visiting Smile Africa under the care and guidance of Pastor Ruth Kahawa. The widows greeted us singing and dancing. Ruth told us her personal story and how she came to Christ. We visited for a while and the team purchased hand made crafts from the widows. We presented the widows with Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls from Angie’s grandma that they will reproduce in the own native attire. They were so happy to receive them!

After Smile Africa, we visited the Karamojong children. The children greeted us with singing that sounded like bees buzzing in the air. As Lisa said, we could hear them before we could see them. Just looking at all 420 children sitting down together was so overwhelming. Their needs are so great. Most have only threads for clothes, no shoes and some sores afflict their bodies.

Feeding the kids was so amazing and overwhelming. I couldn’t help but look into the eyes of every child I served and thought “unto you Jesus.” I thought about the 15 months of food for every child with every passed bowl of pousha and beans. After we served them lunch we passed out cupcakes and blew up thirty-six beach balls for them to play with in the field.

Grace and Catherine were preparing the pousha and beans in their new kitchen! They were doubly excited when we presented them with chef coats, aprons and kitchen tools!

We were celebrating Nate, Pastor Ruth and all of the Karamojong children’s birthday today. We brought 30 pounds of cake mix and Patsy baked 500 cupcakes in her little easy bake oven!

During the after noon, the team returned to True Vine to play with all the friends they made over the last couple of days. Every day is the BEST day!

2 Responses to “Smile Africa & The Karamojong Children”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh what a sight that must have been with the beach balls, the 500 cupcakes!! Thanks for loving these kids!
    Rachel Eggum cinader

  2. Rachel Eggum Cinader says:

    What a sight that must have been with the beach balls and the 500 cupcakes!! Can’t wait to see more pics!
    Thank you for loving these kids!

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