Monday, October 13, 2008
By Angie Simon

Today our journey started early today. We left Fort Portal and headed to Tororo for a 13 hour bus ride. We ran through Entebbe and stopped off at the airport to pick up Brooke’s luggage. She has been without luggage for the last few days. While we waited for Tom and Brooke at the airport, the team stopped for lunch at a great Indian food restaurant.

Hillary visited with us along the way and told us about the history of his family name. Malo means king in his native tongue of Kenya. Hillary’s grandfather was the king of the village. He had 18 wives and every wife had at least 11 children. If you do some quick arithmetic, that’s 198 aunts and uncles for Hillary. He said “we were UCI.”

On the way, Tom got an emergency phone call from James from the Sunrise House. Today, two boy’s dorms caught on fire. All the boys are fine and no one was injured. James rescued many items but a lot of mattresses and personal items were lost. We don’t know the exact cause of the fire, but James thinks it was due to faulty wiring. We also haven’t determined financially lost either.
God blessed us with a safe journey to Tororo and we are happy to be in the hotel!

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