Saturday, October 11, 2008
by Lisa Brown

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Awesome, wonderful, captivating, life-changing, and it is day one. First things first. Just so everyone at home is not worrying about us check This is hospitality at its finest, and my husband and I, Mark Brown know a thing or two about service. A great hotel is just an empty shell, without a great staff. Let us just start of by saying we are honored and priviledged to be in the company of this hotel staff. They feel like the best part of one’s family that you always tell people about when you need to celebrate life. For those of you coming in here in November, you are in for the greatest treat. Look for Deo, he will steal your heart with a smile and the story of how hard he works. Delight, Delight….

We left Entebee, yesterday at 7:30 am, after a wonderful cup of coffe and great breakfast. Absolutely a great treat to ones constitution after a 30hr journey from the states. We boarded our bus and were greeted by our crew and driver. OK, we love them. They are so kind and the most captivating conversationalist. I never thought I would say this, but the thought of another 10 hr drive on the bus is exciting. Nate said it best, “This project is about connection”, but we had no idea what that truly meant until now!

City view: As we departed, Entebbe, we ventured throught the city of Kampala, we are all grateful for Bobbi, our driver and personality plus. He knows all the ins and outs of the 5,000,000 population base. Out our window we saw the marass of any city, but without infrastructure. I know that it is the farm girl in me, but it was the hardest part of the trip from the stand point of the human condition. Many little ones playing alone, of course in water, which is always the yucky stuff. In this case, drainage that is hand dug at best, mostly just the natural contour of the hilly landscape and rainwater or the path septic and trash would take. There was a surprising order to how they are functioning, however. Shaties are organized in like kinds of offerings. Ms Reid commented, “I am never going to complaining about running errands again.”

Country view: gorgeous, breathtaking, beautiful, and a power house for agriculture. The weather is entirely gorgeous. 75 degrees, overcast and lovely humidity. I never thought I would say this but it was the most wonderful 8hr bus rides of my life. Our driver Bobby is amazing. Additionally, we have the great pleasure of 3 others in our crew from TrueVine. These people are so wonderful and the most delightful convesationalist. They are course rich with history and cultural perspective. Uncommon and truly remarkable are thier personal stories and the power of hope and brave of heart.

Best part of the day, was absolutely our time with the Sunshine House, in Fort Portal. The Bishop’s story is one of world renown. Personal friend of Senator Sam Crump of Arizona, the Bishop knows that it is education that will liberate Uganda from its struggle. The profound story of his near death struggle at the hands of Idi Amini’s men, is not only disturbing, it is crucial to understand. The Bishop is housing 50 orphans and sponsoring another 250, who are not being boarded, but living off site. These amazing kids ranging in age from 19 to 4, are studying the highest level education possible. 15 year olds reading Romeo and Juliet, 16 year olds studing trig, all working to enter university. I would love to capture their committment to hard word that is so beautifully tenored with honor, respect, and kindness. “These kids are the pearl of Africa”. Nate played soccer and looked at the books, and hung out with them. I was the last to get on the bus, my heart longs to go back and see them this morning. They have captured my heart, respect, and cause me to examine those highest and best things that I know my life needs more of. This was the BEST DAY….

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