Thursday, August 21, 2008
by Angie Simon

This morning we got an early start off to Moscow. Since we had such an early start, we had most of the day to explore the city of Mockba. We immediately took an extensive city tour where we got an opportunity to visit Red Square, St. Basil, beautiful churches, KGB buildings and gorgeous gates around the city. Red Square was more magnificent than we could have ever imagined. It was majestic and filled with lots parks, trees and flowers. Getting an opportunity to experience Red Square while reflecting on the great history was awe inspiring. We also saw Lenin’s tomb and the Museum of History. Ironically, we walked into Red Square through a mall that used to be the largest mall in the world that had a glass roof. The building itself was one of the oldest, most ornate yet it was filled with the most beautiful stores the world has to offer. Tom pointed out important buildings and hotels where he used to smuggle Bibles or had secret meetings in the city. We also stopped on our tour to visit the largest Orthodox church in Moscow. The church was just as beautiful as any other church around the world. The entire church was filled with ornate frescos painted over five centuries ago.
Robyn capitalized on getting over one of her fears today: SNAKES! Their was an individual that had a python in Red Square and Robyn held it! She put it on her neck and it slithered all around! When we started on this trip, Robyn was jumpy when a fake snake jumped out of a box and now she was holding a python! Way to go Robyn!

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