Sunday, August 17, 2008
By Angie Simon

Today, most of our team left for Budapest early this morning. Elizabeth, Ramona and Bonnie stayed in Romania for a couple of days. They went back to Adi’s church in the morning and Gabby took them on a city tour of Oradea in the afternoon. The team arrived in Budapest early afternoon which gave us an opportunity to do some shopping. Tom took some on a city tour of Buda and Pestch. Buda is the old city that sits high on the hill that connects with Petsch down below by five bridges including the famous Chain Bridge.

The bridge was closed to cars in preparation for the big holiday honoring Hungary’s last king. Musicians and vendors lined the bridge offering crafts, food and drinks to passersby. We walked up to the old city of Buda and up and around to the castle to get an amazing 360 degree view of the city. Overlooking the Danube River you could a great view of the Parliament Building. By late afternoon, our dogs were barking! Although it was nice to get up and move around since we were in the van traveling in the morning, our feet hurt and we had to find a quicker way back to the hotel so we took a cable car down from Buda to the Chain Bridge.

After the tour was time for some school shopping! Mani’s first day of high school is the day after we return from Eastern Europe so we took him to the main square to get some clothes for his first week of high school. We sat at an outdoor café in front of a store eagerly waiting to see Mani’s school purchases. We came back with a new pair of jeans and a cool leather jacket! After finishing our tour on the walking street we decompressed at the hotel until 7PM for another meal at Fatal! It was great day and we all retired early because we have to wake up at 4AM for our flight tomorrow to St. Petersburg. Goodnight! =)

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