Saturday, August 16, 2008
by Angie Simon

What a great day! The team returned to Cheresig for our final day in the Gypsy villages. By the time we arrived in the morning all the kids were already at the church, wound up and ready to go! We decided that we would play games first to get the kids a little tired! We created the extra long jump rump for the kids, played with bubbles along with a bunch of games from Oriental Trading company. Some of the boys played soccer and the girls learned how to play jacks. The bubbles were a big hit! They all enjoyed learning how to play with the bubbles.

It was a special day for Ramona because today she got to visit with her sponsored child Amelia. Yesterday, Ramona was not feeling well and decided to stay back and rest. So today she really enjoyed spending the entire day with her.

In the afternoon we fed the kids sandwiches, juice and peaches that Elizabeth and Patrick went and purchased from the store while Tom, Dwayne & Scott moved bricks from the other villages.
Dorell scoffed at the boys that they would not be able to finish moving the bricks by the time he returned but they did and even had time to go swimming in the river!

After lunch, the team helped the kids decorate white tshirts for them. All of the kids wanted their name along with hearts, balloons and flowers on their t-shirts. They all had them on by the end of the day! next, we passed out the bags of food, hats and scarves for all of the kids in the village. Each bag had juice, oil, sugar, flour, cookies, cereal, pate & pasta. Sandie had people from her church knit some hats for us to give out. The kids were so excited to see which hat they got. Some were funny and we all laughed as they tried them on especially on this hot day. I know the kids will really love them in December!

It was getting late in the afternoon and many parents arrived at the church on bicycles to help their kids home with their two bags of food. As we were getting ready to leave, a wedding party arrived and marched down the street playing all kinds of weird instruments in a procession honoring the bride and the groom. A Gypsy wedding was under way! They marched right in front of the church.

For dinner, Cornell treated us to another amazing dinner like he did last year. The restaurant was located in the countryside close to Hungary. By the time we arrived, a thunderstorm was well underway and most of us got wet, but we didn’t seem to care. George & Alina, Adi & Florie and their friends from Texas were also there to meet us. We had a wonderful dinner eating and fellowshipping together. Mani, Tom and DJ even tried Breaded Cow Brains! YUCK!

Tomorrow, we leave early in the morning for Budapest where we will get an opportunity to spend the afternoon in the city before we leave for Russia the following day.

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