Friday, August 15, 2008
by Angie Simon

Today we visited a very special Gypsy village named Cheresig (pronounced Cara-SEEG) that many of us love dearly. The village is located about 30 minutes outside of Oradea and the Pastor of Bistritia pentecostal Church is named Dorell. If you followed us last year on our trip, Dorell lost his eye after he had an eye injury working in Spain. he got a piece of steel in his eye and after it was successfully removed, the doctors missed an eyelash and it got severly infected and he eventually lost his eye. We were all delighted when we saw how much much was completed on his church. It is beautiful and freshly painted a relaxing blue color. The kids were so happy to see us and they all greeted us at the gate. They were laughing, smiling and anxious to meet everyone of us. It was so fun to see all the kids from last year and to see how much they have grown. All of the kids were so clean, kind and happy compared to many of the kids from Lazareni.

Tom and Dorell had a very important meeting before our arrival in Cheresig that determined our response to his village. Dorell is under a tremendous amount of stress from several different factors and it all came to head when he met with Tom. Dorell has been left with an incredible amount of debt for two village churches that he has been working in. several missionaries from the states wanted to help Dorell respond to the construction of these two other village churches and left Dorell with the bills. Dorell has taken on alot of personal debt in addition to help feed his family and is even feels forced to sell his car.

Dorell informed us that the families in Cheresig are starving. They have no money for food and felt that people just came to take photos. Tom immediately herd his cry for help and felt led to respond by providing food for all the families in Cheresig which totaled nearly 35 homes. Hope 4 Kids supplied Dorell with enough money to purchase the food and when we arrived the food was already there ready to be sorted. Each family received oil, two bags of rice, two different kinds of pasta, sugar, cereal, cookies, pate, juice amoungst other things. The teams separated the food into bags to be distributed later after lunch.

While Elizabeth worked with Ionella in the Sponsorship Department, team members got an opportunity to play with the kids outside. We had bubbles, soccer balls and other games. Robyn sponsored a new little girl that couldn’t be more precious. The team really started to feel a connection with these kids.

We walked the entire length of Cheresig and team members delivered the food to all the individual families. We double-checked to make sure all the families received our groceries and even ran back to the church to assemble a few more bags. It was the hottest day so far on this trip. The sun was scorching and many were drained from the sun. It was so fun to see the kids filled with so much pride as they showed off their homes and introduced us to their families. We took lots of photos and even some kids that were entering into the program. The feeling was mutual that this was our best day yet. God really showed us His love for us as we worked in this village today. God’s timing could not have been more perfect for us to intersect their needs on this trip. Handing out food and establishing relationships with these villagers was really the foundation of the rest of the work we will be doing for the beautiful village of Cheresig.

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  1. Rachel Eggum Cinader says:

    Thank you for that story and for feeding those hungry people!! It was very touching.

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