Thursday, August 14, 2008
by Angie Simon

Today, the team returned to Beclean Orphanage to visit with the Assistant Director of the orphanage to obtain updates about our kids who are & have been in our Unifund Program. Bonnie, Elizabeth, Angie Adi, and Alex all met with Maria to discuss the progress of the kids and to determine the success and opportunities of the Unifund program. The information we received from the meeting was so valuable and we all left feeling that it was a very positive meeting.

This year is a very important year for Unifund because so many of the kids are leaving the house (for the first time) and living on their own. Most of them are looking for jobs in order to support themselves. it is a very difficult and scary time for these kids because their safety net is gone. They will no longer be able to return back to house and this house is all they have ever known. our hearts are for these kids to not only receive an education but to develop adequate social skills for them to feel confident to get a good job in their field and to make an impact in their own developing nation of Romania. We have discussed transition houses, workshops, seminars, hired social workers in an effort to help these kids integrate into normal society.

The rest of the team got an opportunity to visit with the rest of the kids while we finished in our meeting. they learned of their own personal stories and challenges growing up as a Romanian orphan. It was especially difficult for Tom to say goodbye to these kids because he has been so instrumental in their lives over the years. He has watched them all grow up since they were young. Now, they will face new challenges as they learn to live on their own. We hope as an organization, Hope 4 Kids International will be able to help these kids that are so dear to us make a smooth transition back into society.

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