Our prayers for smoother internet connections have been answered as we have found an internet café with a more reliable server and faster computers.

Alycia and Sara spent time at the internet café downloading the orphan information that Sarah Eggum had sent us as they worked out the kinks to keep track of all those details. Sara’s expertise in Excel was invaluable as it saved us countless hours of work.

The little boy that Melissa and Travis are sponsoring had ridden his bicycle with his older brother the 13 miles to get here to see his American parents. Because they had given him a goat, it would have been impossible for the 2 boys to ride back home, so Travis and Melissa made arrangements for them to be transported home in a “taxi.” What a special time they had with this little guy.

The work on the church continues, and today Joe spent the day with the men who were spraying the stucco on the outside walls. They use a hopper that spins the stucco out onto the wall, which means you get as much stucco on you as you do on the wall. While the work progressed on the outside, Linda continued with the painting crew in the church offices. Robert was working on electric projects with some of the men, so he stayed behind while Bob went into town with the group that was purchasing supplies. Bob was on a personal mission to buy a bike for Protus, because after spending time with Protus yesterday afternoon when they went together to one of the home fellowship meetings, Bob knew that he wanted to do something significant to help this amazing servant of the Lord. When he presented the bike to Protus, all our eyes filled with tears as we saw Protus’ reaction to this wonderful surprise.

The lines for the medical clinic have become very long, but they are mostly waiting in these long lines to be seen by the “mzungu” dentist, Bo, and his assistant, Bonnie.

Yesterday, a truckload of animals that had been purchased with the money that had been sent by school children in America was delivered, and it was so fun to see all the cows and goats roaming around the property today.

Michelle has begun to teach some of the women how to knit, and tomorrow will be another fun day of lessons. Inside the church, Pat and Louaine were sketching the cross on the wall, which they will be painting in the next several days. As they were doing that, the women were having a lesson in weaving while the children were watching a movie that was being shown through Tom’s laptop computer and the portable projector. It was a little frustrating because the projector kept shutting down as it overheated (what a shock that would happen in the middle of an African afternoon!), but whenever that would occur, the kids would all stand up so they could watch it on Tom’s laptop screen until we restored the projected picture on the wall. While all that was going on, Matt was enjoying a great game of volleyball with some of the older kids.

Robert and Rachel had the wonderful opportunity to give their sponsored daughter, Priscilla, a goat. After she received her goat, Rachel and Robert and Travis and Melissa all walked with Priscilla back to her hut (about 3 miles away), followed by an entourage of kids. When they got to that group of huts, they passed out bubble gum to all the kids and Rachel attempted to show the kids how to blow bubbles. The moms were all laughing as the children laboriously worked their gum and tried blowing bubbles. It was such a fun afternoon for them all.

In the meantime, Tom, Chris, Bob and Al headed to the Kenyan border with Pastor Wilbur so they could meet an Episcopalian minister who has a church there. Because this Episcopalian church is in a border town, there are many challenges, so these men embraced the opportunity to spend time with these special Christians to encourage them and to be encouraged.

The Rock Classic Hotel where we are staying in Tororo has undergone some wonderful improvements since we were here in the summer. We can see that the renovation of the rooms is a daily process, and things have been added to the rooms that have made our stay even more pleasant. All the rooms now have mosquito nets over the beds, and fans to keep us cool at night. They have added surge protector strips so that we can safely recharge our cameras each day, and many of the rooms now have small refrigerators so we can chill our bottles of water. From time to time, we can even access the internet from their computer, although they are still struggling to make that a functioning amenity. However, we can see that they are intentional about making this a very pleasant, comfortable stay for their guests, and we have been blessed by their hospitality.

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