Monday, July 21, 2008
by Elizabeth Flynn

Today some of the team members were able to see their kids at the main site. It was great seeing the sponsored kids happy to meet their sponsor for the first time. Then i took Bob Mooney out to see one of his sponsored kids. Natalie and Rachel went with us on this journey. We talked about Bob’s boy and by finding out more about this child we discovered that this boy would really benefit from going to a boarding school. Natalie Chavis said that she would share the sponsorship with Bob in this child’s life. So next year he will start in boarding school. Boarding school is one of the things that are making a big difference in the kids in Africa. We are thankful for the sponsors that are putting these kids in boarding and praying for more sponsors to put more kids in the boarding schools. We had a great day visiting today.

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  1. Angie Simon says:

    it`s great to see the kids so happy with there sponsered mom or dad! i`m glad we can make a BIG Difference

    jessica simon
    age 9

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