Sunday, July 20, 2008 Tororo
by Dave Peters

Yesterday we made the 10-hour drive from Fort Portal to Tororo, traversing almost all of Southern Uganda. It ended our 4 ½ day travel marathon. The trip to Western Uganda was long but inspiring. We got a glimpse of some of the amazing natural beauty of this country. We toured the True Vine site in the evening and saw all the recent progress on the 35-acre main site. Much has happened since my last visit in July ’07.

This morning we worshipped at the True Vine church. I joined the early English-only service which is geared for the younger crowd, almost all of whom speak English. 40 True Vine pastors from throughout the region who are here for the Bible Institute also attended. It was a privilege for me to share a message from Ephesians chapters 1-3, and a vision of the future of the church in Uganda. The later service was an experience in African Pentecostal worship which is like no other. Michelle B. observed that worship is an aerobic experience here. Our team joined in the dancing and celebration, complete with lifting chairs above their heads and singing “Higher and Higher.” Pastor Bob gave an animated sermon on the hope and unity of the Church. He did a great job preaching, but he still needs to work on his dancing.

The team is off this afternoon to visit the Tororo public hospital to pray with the patients there. The weather here is wonderful with cool evenings and pleasant days. The rain yesterday settled the dust and was a blessing for the many crops in the area. June was a particularly dry month, so the rain is much welcomed. Thanks to all of you as you continue to pray for the success of our many activities for the coming week.

Dave Peters

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