Monday, June 23, 2008
by Christine Eyde

One last day of hard work! Today we returned with Parkway to work some more on the soccer field. It was more of mixing cement, rock and water! It was a very hard day of work for all of us! Mark commented that he does not want to see cement again unless it´s in a truck.

Some supplies were delivered, but for some reason they needed to be about a mile away. I know, I know, I am going to sound like my father but it was honestly uphill in the sand. We needed to two wheel barrel fulls of rock and several bags of sand (weighing about 30 pounds each) to the other site. When I lifted my bag of sand, I was under the impression we were taking them a few yards away to the cement mixer, as I approached, they told me ¨OH up there¨. We got up there, we were told ¨OH two more blocks¨, it felt like we just kept going and going! It gave us all something to laugh about over dinner!

After we finished and dropped off the supplies for a later project, it was time to head back to the cement mixer! Once the pads for the day were done, another friendly game of football (aka soccer broke out). It was fun but I just don`t know where some the guys got the energy, they must feed off the kids.

Some of the people on the Parkway Team were able to meet and play with the children they sponsor through Hope 4 Kids International.

It was very hard to get on the bus and say goodbye to Jose, Heidi, Flora and all our friends in the barrio. Parkway will continue to work through Friday, they will be here for a traditional wedding in the barrio Friday night, I wish I could stay to see it!

Once again, this year´s trip was unique from the previous two and I will look forward to another one next year. Tomorrow morning at about 10am, Mark and I fly to Lima and arrive at Noon, the rest will meet up with us at about 7pm, we will all fly to Houston at Midnight and part ways for Arizona and California on Wednesday morning. Many friendships were made inside the team and what stories we have to bring back for all!

On behalf of the 2008 Hope 4 Kids Trujillo Peru Team!

Muchas gracias & Buenas noches

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