The sewing lessons continued in full force; and today, even some of the men were learning how to operate the machines. One of the men is a very accomplished embroiderer with the machine, and it was fascinating to watch him work as he helped prepare the material for the dresses that some of our team have ordered from Jane’s dress shop.

Linda’s goal for today was to get to be part of the work crew, painting the offices in the church. She had no idea how much work she was in for, but she amazed the Ugandan men whom she was working with as she kept up with them throughout the entire day. We’re now referring to her as Super Linda!

Going to the marketplace to buy supplies was again part of the agenda, and Robert has become a pro at this task. Alycia became the hero of the orphan project staff as she purchased some much-needed supplies for them, and when she gave them each a clipboard, Teddy raved about how official they would look, just like some of the UN workers in Tororo. A trip to the pharmacy meant that we would be bringing boxes and boxes of life-saving medicine back to the clinic, and Tom also went to a store to purchase the mattress and bedding supplies for Joseph, the orphan that Bonnie will now be sponsoring. Matt was able to find the necessary cable for hooking up Tom’s computer to the church’s sound system, which will allow us to show movies to the kids this week. The children have been hearing about this, and they can hardly wait.

In the late afternoon, some of the men went to several of the home fellowship opportunities, and they were incredibly blessed by the experience. For Pat, it was the highlight of the trip so far. He was so touched as he heard the men give their testimonies, and as he heard them express how grateful they are for the blessings that they have received. The hospitality in these humble homes is what has moved us so deeply. When you come to someone’s hut, no matter how modest and primitive the surroundings, you are immediately offered a seat and are told “You are most welcome to my home.” In what seemed to be the direst of conditions, the guys felt like they were cared for as kings as they were treated to Kenyan tea, homemade bread and fry bread.

Michelle & Joe went to visit one of the orphans in their home, and on their way back to the church and clinic, they had wonderful opportunities to talk with some of the villagers. One of the women taught Michelle how to carry firewood on her head, although the minute she tried to walk with it, it all came sliding off. That’s when the other women proclaimed that she didn’t have the right shape of head.

Rachel, Robert and Bob all experienced the joy of bringing a goat to the orphans that they sponsor. For Bob, it was a truly humbling experience, because after he offered his gift of a goat, his orphan presented him with the gift of a chicken. Again, to receive so much from people who have so little has been the story of our time here.

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