Friday, June 20, 2008
by Christine Eyde

You have heard from most of our team members but we have one who is our youngest, Jacob Schmidt. Jacob is a 14 year old boy from Prescott, AZ who enjoys hanging out with his friends, running and spending time at church.

Jacob attends AELC and heard Tom speak at his church sometime this past January. His Pastor Mary Bope had attended a trip to Africa with Hope 4 Kids International. After hearing Tom speak, Jacob was moved to join this year´s mission trip to Trujillo, Peru. I had asked him what his Mom and Dad had thought of this and he said at first, they didn´t know what to think but once they realized this was not a phase, they were more than supportive of him. Jacob went before his church to ask for money and support in addition to sending out letters.

Prior to attending this trip, he had done a trip to Mexico last year but knew there was a need for more in other countries and wanted to continue to spread Christ´s love. Now that he officially has his first over seas missions trip under his belt, he feels it spreading love does not have to be glamorous to be meaningful. Jacob pitched in when ever needed, and now feels that spreading Christ´s love can be anything from playing dodge-ball with the kids to mixing cement with a native Peruvian.

Jacob has enjoyed working with the team and feel that this team was just the right fit for him, I know I for one enjoyed his youthfulness and watching someone experience this for the first time. Jacob mentioned that the highlight of the week was the new Barrio and the excitement of the children that we were there.

He is looking forward to returning home to Prescott and sharing the stories of the Barrios – from construction work to playing with kids and working on the team with his family and friends. He hopes to inspire some of them to go off on a venture of their own.

As far as the what we did today, we all went to Barrio 1 with Loy and Teresa for more fun with the kids and hard construction work. The morning was once again filled with laughter of over 160 children! Jennifer, Stephanie, Kathy and myself helped the women of the barrio to pull this off! The highlight for me was at the end of the VBS, we were able to have to workers sit down and relax while we served them Soda (store brand of Inca Cola) and some crackers.

The men on the other hand, another morning of very hard work! They worked mixing more cement and pouring a slab floor for a preschool. They did very well together as a team and very hard.

In the afternoon the women chose to stay in barrio and play a few games. The first game was the four of us and the two American interns against six Peru women. We were put to shame! The next round was a mixer, three Peru women, three American women vs. three Peru women and three American women. We all laughed and had fun.

Most of the group will be leaving for Manchu Piccu tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is a down day here for those of us staying behind. We will catch up on some much needed rest here at the hostal and walk around and enjoy the sights of Huanchaco before another church arrives from Surprise, AZ and we will meld in with the work they will be doing Sunday and Monday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a pleasure it has been watching Jacob and the team so hard at work and enjoying the people the meet. I know that Christ is the center of Jacob’s heart and that he has a passion to share that love. I as a mother am anxious to have him home and at the same time so very proud of the whole team. THANKS for all you have done for so many.

    Lynn Schmidt

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