Tuesday, June 17, 2008
by Jennifer Even

Today was extra special because the construction group got the opportunity to help build Richard’s (a team member) sponsor child’s house. They made great progress by the end of the day and were thankful that the weather cooled down again. It was funny to hear a few team members talking over lunch that they never imagined shoveling and wheel barreling mud would be a resting day compared to the priors days work of lifting huge buckets of cement :) Other members got the opportunity to help with vacation bible school while playing and spending time with the children. It has been amazing to see so much joy and laughter being exchanged between one another. Near the end of the afternoon a Dentist, Dr. Marco and some current students from town visited the barrio to provide treatment to a handful of children. A few team members watched the clinic being held. I have never see children so excited to see the Dentist and it was adorable seeing the children faces light up when they received a toothbrush at the end. It was a wonderful day where great work was accomplished and many friendships were created.

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