Sunday, June 15, 2008
by Ron Baesler

Sunday in Trujillo meant sunshine. After a cool and drizzly day yesterday we saw the sun for the first time since our trip began. We had a beautiful day working with a beautiful view of the ocean. We worked until 3PM on the grounds of an old school that Project New Hope has acquired and is remodeling for its work. One part of our team spent the morning working with the children–as always, we were surrounded by laughing, bubbling, dark eyed joyful children. The crafts, games and stories were led by the local leaders that Jorge and his wife have trained. Our team got to be part of the excitment, leading the kids from station to station. Each station was named for an animal–the lion, the butterfly, the crocodile. Another group moved an enormous pile of bricks from the entrance back to the rear of the property. As any physicist knows WORK = MASS X DISTANCE. Lots of mass moved lots of distance means lots of work, plus tired muscles and sunburned necks! The last group helped Carlos, a young bricklayer, begin work on a bathroom and shower facility. They mixed sand and cement, moved bricks and helped him raise 3 of the 4 walls to a 5 foot height.

But no Sunday should be complete without worship. We joined the local families for worship at 3;30pm. The group sang, prayed, celebrated communion and had a special skit and message for Father´s Day. We have just returned from our dinner at a tiny Italian restaurant in the home of wonderful grandmotherly Italian lady and her son. It has been a full day and we will certainly sleep well tonight. We continue to be blessed by God with good energy, good food, great new friends and the ability to incarnate God´s love with our brothers and sisters in Peru.

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