Saturday, June 14, 2008
by Christine Eyde

Today we went to Jaimie and Patty´s Barrio. Wow, again what a difference in one year. They now have a kitchen in the community center. They have ¨street lights¨ and some homes have running water to the outside so they do not have to carry it in.

We did a VBS with the kids and as usual it was a hit with all the kids. All they have was the equivalent to youth director or youth pastor to draw in some of the teens. He teaches them about respect and how to act. We had a noticeable increase in older kids participating in the program and helping. His name is Chuck. Some of us – Mark, Stephen, Tom & Dwayne worked on what I think is going to be a shower, (or a latrine) they moved bricks, added cement and started the walls. Ron and Richard worked on a latrine in a private home.

It was as always great to be in the barrio again! As I said, we did VBS in the morning. Katherine (who used to teach Phys Ed) took charge with sports, Jacob also worked that area, Stephanie did crafts and Jennifer did food. In the afternoon we just played. We had a volley ball tournament, they had two nets going. We also did the ever popular Uno, Uno, Dos and Ring Around the Rosie with the younger ones. Late in the afternoon, some of the women in barrio brought us into the community center to say Thank You to Hope 4 Kids for all the work and support that is given. On their own, without any financial help from Mike and Danelle, they purchased a large cake to present to us. A Leleche Cake. Can you just imagine what they had to go with out to do that!? Each of the women got up to say Thank You. Marta and Edwin´s mom stood up to speak, she said the they have been back to Lima for a hearing aid for Marta and it has made a huge difference.

Tom and I were able to go and see Betsy´s house that we started work on last year. Again, for lack of a better word.. wow! It is amazing to see it finished considering last year it was tarps an bamboo.

It was sad to leave. I personally have such a strong tie to the barrio, and as always it was very hard for me to leave. When we had gotten there, Christopher (Corrina´s son) came up to me, remembered my name and gave me a big hug. When I was talking to her (via Patty) she said she did not believe him when he came in the house to to tell her we were here. She said, no, they come in July. I was amazed that she remembered. I also got to meet her husband. He has been working in Lima each time we have been here in the last two years. He is only home until tomorrow morning and then will be gone until December. Currently he has been doing construction in Lima from the earth quake damage last year.

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  1. Carmen says:

    Christine, I’m thinking and praying for all of you! Good to see Tom doing some REAL physical labor! :) I wish I was there with you–know I am in heart!

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