What a glorious sight to see all the women that had come to learn how to use the new sewing machines. Before they could get started, we had to figure out the best thing to use as a “fan belt” that would hook up the pulley system for the treadle. We discovered that the macramé cord we had brought to teach them how to make belts was the best material for this important missing link, so Joe and Louaine and Linda and Rachel crafted the make-shift fan belts and got the machines up and running. Louaine, Rachel and Linda helped teach the women the skill of working the treadle, and there were squeals of delight when the women would master the rhythm of the machine.

Bob, Al, Travis and Pat did some intensive hauling as they filled wheelbarrows with large rocks and brought them for the foundation of the Sunday School shelter that is being built. Tom, Robert, Chris, Pat and Al went into town to purchase food for feeding all the people that would be here during the week for the clinic and for working on the projects. While all that was going on, Bonnie was assisting Dr. Bo in the dental clinic, seeing patients non-stop from the time we arrived until the time we left.

Sara and Alycia spent a good portion of the day working on the paperwork with the administrators for the orphan project. Chris, Tom and Matt worked on setting up the projector to Tom’s computer and running the cords through the sound system to begin to show movies in the sanctuary. While the kids were waiting for the movies to begin, Travis, Melissa, Rachel, Alycia and Michelle gave out candy. The children were excited about the sweets, and it was really special to see some of the kids sharing with each other.

Once again, we ended the day with the joy of knowing that God has called us to this place for His purpose.

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