There’s nothing like worshipping with our Ugandan brothers and sisters to set our hearts on fire for the Lord. As they sang and danced and jumped up and down shouting “Hallelujah!” we, too, got caught up in this rejuvenating sacrifice of praise. Some of us had the opportunity to be outside with the children during their Sunday School, which was a two-hour time of praise and teaching, and Matt was asked to share some words from God for the kids. The children love Matt, and were excited to hear from this young “mzungu.”

Chris, Bob and Tom were each asked to share the word of God during the worship service. The people listened intently as they brought a message of hope and grace. It’s so humbling to be in the midst of these people who love God with all their hearts and trust Him with everything. We have a lot to learn from them.

After a delicious lunch that was once again prepared by the Pastor’s wife and the women from the church, we split up into two groups. Most of the women returned to the church for a Women’s Ministry time, while the rest of the group headed over to the farm project. While there, they saw some of the goats and cows and chickens and pigs that we’ve been purchasing to get the farm project up and running. The food that is raised on this farm will be used to feed the orphans and their families. Our group had a great time with the villagers that surround that property, and the children of this remote area were delighted to play with the “mzungu.”

This afternoon’s women’s ministry was a time to encourage and challenge the women of this area. They face so many struggles, and a majority of the group are widows and single mothers. Jane (the Pastor’s wife) shared from her heart about how important it is that the women come alongside those who need help. She told them about the new project that is just beginning….starting tomorrow, they will begin lessons on the brand new sewing machines that have been given to them by some of the women in America. Explaining that this is a gift for the whole church, she said that these machines will be used to help them make clothing for their families as well as items that they will be able to sell in the marketplace. With the proceeds from their sales, they will be able to continue buying material for their sewing projects, but they will also invest a portion of it by buying pigs and cows. The vision is that with these pigs and cows, some of the offspring will be used to multiply the herd, and some will be used for food. The dream is that they will eventually be able to provide an animal to each of the families so they can began their own herds, and then the families will give back one of the offspring so the project can be multiplied and spread throughout their village and into other areas.

What a joy it is to partner in ministry with these people who are so filled with compassion and vision.

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