Bonnie Sponsors a Family to Attend Boarding School

Everyday our teams have been giving it their all physically, emotionally and spiritually. Giving 110% everyday eventually will take its toll on a body. Some of our team have become a little under the weather including Hannah, Brian, Jordan, Rick, Elizabeth and Chris. Yesterday afternoon a few of our team members decided to take it easy in the afternoon and stay close to the hotel. A little rest will hopefully help our team become fully recovered.

Today, Dena went out with Rita by herself to visit the widows. A group of women were waiting for her and sang and danced as they greeted her. The widows all had prayer requests for shelter and food. Dena and Rita handed out beans, rice and mattresses to the ladies. They also visited an ill blind widow that went out for a short call and fell and broke her leg recently. All the widows that received the mattresses gave Dena lots of hugs and smiles. She said it was really beautiful and an awesome experience!

Debbie, Rachel & Lindsey, Kelli, Kristina & Leah visited the Salvation Army kids with Patsy. The kids from Salvation Army made the kids from True Vine look like they were middle class. Many of the Karamong tribe children suffer from scabies. The team spent the afternoon cleaning their wounds. Like the Gypsies in Romania and the Untouchables in India, the Karamong tribe children are discarded, thrown away and forgotten members of society. Rachel visited with one of these kids named Rlijah who grew up in Northern Uganda. He is proud that he now attends school and helps Patsy look after the younger children that the Salvation Army sponsors.

Michelle, Brian, Rick, Jordan, Kelli, Kristina, Lindsey, Rachel, Dena & Leah all painted a widow’s house today. Bonnie and Chris went with Elizabeth and Carla for the orphan outreach distributing mosquito nets and toothbrushes. Angie filmed our sponsorship video with Tom, Elizabeth & Carla.

Four siblings that we visited today were disserted by their mother that went off digging for an undetermined amount of time. The oldest child is in P5 and she is 10 years old at the most. This girl has taken on the responsibility to care for the other three kids. Every morning she digs up potatoes so the children will have something to eat when they return from school. This is a perfect example of a situation where the children desperately need to be attending boarding school. Boarding school will provide a good education along with full room and board. Taking one child out of this situation would not be beneficial to the other children of the family. All of the children need to be sponsored to go to boarding school in order to stay together. These kids really moved Bonnie’s heart during this orphan outreach. Bonnie has graciously volunteered to sponsor all of these children to go to boarding school! Because of sponsors like Bonnie Dirks, these children will be lifted out of the plight of extreme poverty. They will now have a roof over their head, three meals a day and a good education! Thank you Bonnie for blessing these children!

Janet, the lady the girls stayed with overnight, got tested yesterday for HIV. She received her results and said “Yesterday “I was HIV negative, and today I am HIV positive.” She walked over to True Vine to inform the girls of her positive results.

Kaitlyn, Ken and Cheyrl went to Godfrey’s village for lunch today and Ken delivered The Proclaimer to him. Godfrey’s village is very remote and no evangelical churches are around. Other than the well located in Godfrey’s village, the nearest well is located over the hills. When people come to his village to get water, they will hear about Jesus. When they come to the clinic for medicine, they will hear about Jesus. Kaitlyn shared that when these villagers come for water they will get the Living Water.

Michelle, Tom, Carla, Ken and Angie finished off the evening at Pastor Agree’s for his famous chicken! Pastor Agree shared with us when he first met his wife. He said when he met Rosemary, “his spirit started jumping!”

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