There were lots of hugs and kisses as we finally arrived at the church and clinic site this morning. Our friends were so happy to see those of us who had returned from the summer team and the new friends that had come for the first time. They couldn’t wait to show us all the progress that had been made on the church construction, which they’ve been using as a gathering place since June. When we saw that the old church had actually fallen down, what praise we gave that this new building was such a beautiful oasis. The work continues to progress, and we spent a number of hours working with our friends painting the inside walls.

Another shout of praise went up when we saw the sewing machines that have been purchased for the women to begin home industries. Agnes demonstrated how the machines work, and we watched in awe as she did free-hand embroidery using the designs she has created. Later in the day, we were able to observe as not only the women, but also some of the men, practiced what they had been learning about operating these machines. Some of us sat down and tried pumping the treadle while we sewed in a straight line, and it was such comedy to see us attempting to pump that treadle smoothly.

Bo is a dentist on our team, and he trained Rachel and Bonnie to be his assistants so that he could begin the dental clinic today. He checked lots of little mouths while waiting for some of the supplies to be brought in from town, and has already scheduled several abstractions. When they found the necessary disinfecting supplies, he also prepared his equipment and pulled a tooth from little Priscilla’s mouth. Priscilla is one of the girls that Robert and Rachel sponsors, so Rachel was very glad to be there holding Priscilla’s hand during the process.

Playing with the parachutes was great fun as children squealed with delight while they ran under the billowing colors. Soccer is always one of the most popular things to do, and Linda and Bonnie both had a great time kicking the ball around with the kids. Bob was involved in a rousing game of “Duck, Duck, Goose,” and the kids loved it so much, they kept him at it for over an hour.

It was such a great day, filled with lots of play and fun work. We praise God for the opportunity to be where He has called us to be.

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