From Michelle:
Visiting Orphans: Several team members traveled with Elizabeth and Carla to five villages to meet orphans and hand out mosquito nets, toothpaste, toothbrushes and goats.

At the first village, Michelle was reunited with her sponsored orphan, Edwin. As she was coming off the bus, Edwin spotted her and said, “Mommy.” Michelle said, “Are you Edwin?” to which he replied “Yes, you are my mother.” It was a wonderful moment of reconnection after not seeing each other for one year.

At each village visited, the orphan children received their items and enjoyed having pictures taken. They all love to see their image displayed on the display screens of our digital cameras. After visiting all of the villages, we walked on a muddy path to Pastor Justice’s home for a meal. It must have taken hours to prepare all of the food, keeping in mind the difficulty involved in obtaining and paying for the ingredients, as well as preparing it for over an open fire in a mud hut without electricity.

Many of the team members had never eaten in a mud hut. Brian likened the experience to camping-he was out of his comfort zone not being able to see what he was eating.

From Kelsey:
Eating in a Mud Hut
This whole trip has been an amazing heart warming experience. Being invited to the pastors mud huts, you walk in and think how could they ever live like this but yet they are so proud of what they have and that you have taken time out of your day to come to their home. We walked in and saw a huge table of food that they have prepared for us. They rarely have 3 meals a day, and we are eating 3 meals along with many snacks a day. The money they have is not a lot and for them to prepare that much food for us was just an irreplaceable experience to sit down and and eat the food that they need to last them a few weeks. We ate in 5 minutes and it showed me how much I have and how much I can do to for others. It is a feeling I will never forget.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The chance to eat in a mud hut with people that are as giving as Mother Teresa Herself is an experience that you will never forget. It will be a highlight of your trip.

    Kelly Kiki

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