Delivering The Proclaimer to Mumbatumba

There’s never a dull moment in Africa. Everyday is a new adventure. Our team separated into different groups today. Ten H4KI members went on a widow’s outreach while Tom took others to visit the plant manager and finance manager of the Tororo Cement factory. Tororo Cement is the largest grossing company in all of Uganda.

Elizabeth and Carla went to Kampala to buy some more shoes for the orphans they are visiting this week. Bryan and Angie visited Alex’s (from the Dot Spot Café) college on a picky-picky (motorcycle) while Denise worked in the lab in the hospital with Ester.

Over the last few months, Hope 4 Kids has partnered with a ministry called Hosanna- Faith Comes By Hearing. They developed The Proclaimer-a solar-powered New Testament that is spoken in the country’s heart language. Hosanna graciously provided us with six Proclaimers this trip. They have offered to give us Proclaimers for every one of the 51 villages in Africa, additional villages in Romania and the barrios in Peru. Larry, John and Kirk delivered one to Pastor Jessica in Mumbatumba today. The village went crazy and shouted and danced with all of their might! George and Donna brought one for Pastor Martin. Even though Pastor Martin is rather feeble and sick, he was able to understand and appreciate the gift that he and his church received.

From Kristina:
On the morning of 11-13-07 we went into Tororo to buy supplies to deliver to five widows. We bought soap, sugar, beans, rice & petroleum jelly. Kristina, Lindsey, Hannah, Dena, Cheyrl, Leah, Rachel, Kelsey, Kaitlyn & Kelli went along in a van to deliver the supplies. The first widow we visited was 59 years old, lived in a small mud hut and was raising two small grandchildren. We raised enough money to pay four months of rent, which is eight dollars per month. She was so happy and relieved! All of the widows were very grateful! Most of these widows are raising orphans. They all sang songs and prayers for us. They would go out to neighbors homes and get chairs for us. They are all so grateful!

Wed Nov 14

Tip of the day: Do not eat fish when spending the night in a mud hut.

It is so exciting to wake up and just see what God has in store for each and everyone of us. Everyday is filled with new connections, deeper relationships and wonderful God moments. We started our day at 7:00AM. That was American time, not African time. Today was the day we climbed The Rock in Tororo. The weather was crisp and clear. We couldn’t ask for a better day for a hike. Cheryl kept us entertained on all the way up and Chris Russell celebrated when she got to the top. Way to go Chris! We knew you could do it! We took several group pictures and ran back down. The race was on and Kaitlyn & Kelsy laughed as they ran pass Tom back to the hotel!

After family time & a hearty American breakfast, team members conducted a vaccination outreach, worked in the eyeglass ministry and visited more widows out in the bush. Elizabeth and Carla took half of the team out to the Busia district to visit orphans and distribute shoes and goats. They visited five villages! We stopped by Smile Africa today to visit Pastor Ruth and to see Janet, the lady whose is hosting us for the documentary. The Seaside guys purchased lots of necklaces and material to wrap presents in for Christmas. Pastor Ruth gave us the most valuable tip for spending the night in the hut: “Do not eat fish. If you do not wash your hands thoroughly, rats will come and bite your fingers!” She said, “Do not worry. Janet stays every night and she is whole!” Meaning, Janet didn’t have any bites. Kirk reminded us not to use any hand sanitizer that fish oil in it. Thanks Kirk! Larry, John and Kirk headed home today. We were all sad to see them go. They were such an instrumental part of our trip and everyone loved their company. We pray you reach well! We grabbed Janet after lunch and headed to the markets to buy supplies for the documentary that will begin filming tomorrow while Debbie ordered shoes for the nurses. Afterwards, we headed to Janet’s village in the jungle to drop off our supplies and preview her family’s village. We were all expecting reasonably modest mud huts, but we were just so amazed when we arrived. Turns out, Janet and her family live in one of the most beautiful areas we have ever seen in Uganda. Her village is a beautiful lush green area located in the jungle. It is surrounded by banana and palm trees tucked away behind the mountains that separate Uganda and Kenya. The documentary really called for a 3-star mud hut but we got a 5-star mud hut! I guess we will just have to wing it! Janet grabbed our hands, got on her knees and thanked God for the opportunity to host Muzungus. Nobody ever in her sub-county has ever had a white person stay in a mud hut. We were the first. She also asked God for this opportunity not to fill her up with pride, but for it to be a testimony to others. Isaac, our little friend told his Mom that having us there is the highlight of his life. He is nine. It was such a special time and we were only there less than an hour. Any fears or reservations we had completely vanished when we arrived. We are really looking forward to tomorrow!

From Denise:
Today was a great day! I and two others from our team (Bonnie & Hannah) Rita & MaryLynn for the women’s center to take food to the widows. We had to go to town first to buy rice, sugar and soap. At our first stop we were more than heartily greeted by several widows who were so excited to have come. I was so overwhelmed by the way they welcomed us. I was also blessed beyond words when Rita prayed for these women. She prays with such fervency and faith believing always God will provide for their needs. The only other stop we made where we found someone home to a widowwith seven children. This women’s husband died of AIDS and she was also infected, but has been healed of all symptoms. Some of her children were there and had no clothes from the waist down and had no shoes. There is such a great need here, yet these people live with such joy in their hearts and with much faith.

Hannah mentioned that in America, everyone is quick to ask God for things, while in Africa, everyone is quick to give God praise!


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