During family time today, Tom gave a little history of our Africa project and how it has exploded over the last four years. After family time, Tom took the guys from Seaside back to Mumbatumba. Pastor Larry and Pastor John spoke during the five hour church service. Tom spoke twice! They passed out shoes and celebrated with a wonderful meal afterward. They all said it was their favorite day ever in Africa!

The rest of the team went to Pastor Wilber’s church at True Vine. The service was as powerful and moving as ever with lots of singing and dancing! Chris, Angie and Waterman even danced together! The congregation and the team loved hearing the messages from Pastor Ken and Pastor George.

During the service, Pastor Wilber called for all the medical personnel on our team. A lady was having a baby on the dirt road leading to the church. She was on the way to the clinic with her husband and she did not make it time. Her husband left her and went for help. Debbi, a midwife on our team along with five nurses from Minnesota (Rachel, Lindsey, Kelli, Kristina, Leah) and Angie rushed outside to her side.

When we arrived, we found the lady whose name is Juliette laying on her side. She had just given birth and the baby was under her skirt with the umbilical cord still attached. Debbie and the girls were fantastic. Debbie cut the umbilical cord and finished helping with the delivery. Debbie said the baby probably would not live because it was premature, only 7 months along. The baby was quiet, not crying and gasping for air. A gentleman from the hospital rushed and grabbed the baby and ran the baby to the hospital. We waited until someone from the village brought a skirt for Juliette. The nurses changed her clothes and we helped her in the wheel chair. Rachel pushed Juliette a couple hundred yards to the hospital with the nurses alongside. We expected to hear grim news concerning the baby. To our surprise, we heard the baby crying when we entered the hospital. The baby was okay! The brought the baby into see Juliette. She had given birth to a baby boy! Praise God! We ran back to church and finished the end of the service. God had answered our prayers and we had something really to be thankful for!

Later in the afternoon, we went and visited the city hospital of Tororo. Bobby, our driver, picked up our translators along the way. We expected six, we got twenty! All of True vine is here! We took up a collection from the team and purchased passion fruit, sugar and soap for every person in the hospital. Amazing John, and Hillary organized and distributed all the items. We walked with the Africans and distributed throughout the Men’s Ward, Women’s Ward, Children’s Ward, Surgery Ward, New Mother Ward. The team prayed for everyone and took photos of all the patients in hospital. The patients loved having their picture taken!

Afterwards, Eric gave one of his profound speeches outside. We returned to hotel for food and fellowship only to find that Carla and Elizabeth had returned from Kisumu! They brought Kelli and Bryan’s orphans all the way from Kenya. Bryan and Kelli really enjoyed meeting and connecting with their orphans for the first time! We had another amazing day!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    God’s Blessings Rachel and team! Our prayers are with you. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and tell our friends in Africa that we are giving THANKS for them everyday! I have a new shawl pattern to share with you for the next women’s tea!I hope to enlist several women here to make them so you can take with you on the next trip as gifts for the women. Love Always! Donni – Vancouver, WA

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are all amazing!!I’ve been looking at the pictures today and its so uplifting. I miss you Auntie Chris!! the pictures are great especially the one of you eating the bananna & dancing! I can’t think of the right words to say to explain how proud I am of you. You are all doing such wonderful things and really make us all back home take a step back and think about whats really important. Good luck on the rest of your mission & have a safe trip home! Love you Auntie Chris xoxoxoxo Love, Carey

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