From Pastor Larry, Kirk & Pastor John

Pastor Johm Pastor Larry and Kirk went to Mumbatumba, the village that Seaside Community Church sponsored this past year.

Pastor Jessica warmly greeted, (hugs galore), this trio and took great pride in showing of all the improvements that have done since Seaside was there this past June. The group was excited to see the changes at Mumbatumba. When we left in July, we celebrated their first Sunday worship service in their new church. In only four months there has been so much progress.

Mumbatumba is absolutely beautiful with grass, flowers, corn and other foods being planted throughout. There was a great amount of corn planted, which will provide quite a harvest for the church.

Larry was especially pleased to see the newly constructed chicken coop with presently over 200 chickens enjoying their new home. Next to the chicken coop was eleven pigs in their pin and feeding on the grass and weeds on this and the adjoining property.

Pastor Jessica’s vision for the community is expanding as she finds new opportunities to share the gospel throughout the entire village. As always, Pastor Jessica and much of the church congregation made John, Larry, and Kirk feel right at home and truly blessed.

In family time today we discussed valuing people and that “the bruised reeds never break. While John, Larry and Kirk went to Mumbatumba, Michelle, Chris and Angie went to True Vine. We loved reconnecting with old friends around the site and singing with the kids. Angie Interviewed Pastor Agree & Patrick the orphan worker on the Love of Jesus & the flooding in Uganda while Chris and Michelle sorted 600 pairs of eyeglasses. Pastor Wilber picked us up and went into town-bank, bought some balls for kids & water. We went back to the hotel to help with check-in & luggage for the rest of the team. My bag arrives! Tom’s bag is still missing. We brought Simon and Inno back to the hotel for lunch. We learned during lunch, that the team had an awesome safari. They even saw a leopard hunting in the distance! Ken overslept by a couple of hours. The team was on the road for over an hour when he woke up! Fortunately, for him it was his lucky day! Tom was still at the airport and was able to pick him up in the luggage van. We hurried back to the site for the team to get united with their orphans and favorite friends from trips prior. Tom gave the grand tour of True Vine. Every time the tour is longer because so much is being constructed every day! Thunderstorms roll in and everyone hurries in the church for shelter and to listen to the band practice for Sunday service. The team and all the kids danced & singed together finishing up with a Conga line! Pastor Eric commented that he loved our “American strokes!”

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