Arriving in Nairobi
Thurs, Nov. 08

WE ARE ‘HERE – YA!” After a “nightless night” of several uneventful flights we landed in Nairobi safe and sound which is by far the most important thing. The second most important thing is arriving with your luggage. Arriving anywhere out of the country with 60 out of 62 bags is a pretty good percentage until one of those bags just happens to be yours. And it was…my bag. I was content with that fact that my luggage may arrive taped up holding together the blowout on the side of my bag. The thought of not making it at all was a completely different story. Surprisingly, it didn’t bother me much at all. The first thing that ran through my mind was the small gifts I had inside for my African friends and the second- my sack of electronic adapters, cords & converters that technology would allow. An overwhelming sense of peace came about not having my clothes. Was it because I had already been here twice before or the fact that convenience and vanity didn’t live here to begin with? The fate of my bag was in God’s hands and the employees of the airline.

Bobby, Pastor Hillary and Mateo met us at the airport and took us to the Silver Springs hotel for a few good hours of sleep before our adventures began the next morning. My pajamas for the evening- a Hope 4 Kids t-shirt of course!

Fri, Nov. 09

“The night became morning” within minutes it seemed for those headed on an early flight to Kisumu. Elizabeth, Angie, Carla, Michelle, Chris along with John, Kirk and Larry (from Seaside) flew to Kisumu, Kenya. Carla and Elizabeth would stay in Kisumu for two days to check on our orphans while the others drove to the site of True Vine – several hours away. Tom sent us off at the airport but not without checking on our lost bags. Tom’s H4KI bag was the other bag not accounted for. No luck. We went our separate ways with Tom leading the rest of the group to Lake Nakuru for the Safari.

Klephus & Jane met us at Kisumu. Jane led us back to True Vine with Klephus taking the girls. Wilber was supposed to come meet us but he was feeling week from a lot of traveling from the week prior.

Pastor Wilber traveled Amuria, the affected area hit hardest by the floods in North Eastern Uganda. Fourteen members of True Vine joined him. They brought and distributed 14 tons of food along with bags of seed for the villagers to begin growing their gardens again. The twelve hour emotional and physical journey took a toll, so he decided to play it safe and send his wife, Jane to pick us up.

We arrived at The Rock Classic Hotel at 2:00pm. After settling in, we headed straight to True Vine, our home away from home. We waited in anticipation to see all the familiar faces we have grown to love. Kids and adults were waiting for us with big smiles giving us the ‘double wave’ as we drove through the gates. Our intimate team enjoyed walking around greeting old warm and loving friends. We started with the hospital in hopes on seeing a baby that was born at 5:00AM. When we arrived, we disappointed to find the new mother and her baby had already returned home! She had a safe, normal delivery and returned home with her new baby boy without any complications. Praise God!

We visited the well where Waterman was waiting with open arms. He led the kids around in special songs for us. They were so happy to see us!

As the women’s choir of True Vine were sitting in front of the church practicing their songs, Pastor Agree came up for a visit. A rainbow appeared and Pastor Agree shared the promise of God’s love along with repentance, purification & righteousness. He could share the love of Jesus for a month straight without taking a breath given the opportunity.

Angie gave Pastor Wilber a PDA exactly like the ones that will be given to the orphan workers. Chris and Michelle met up with their some of their favorite friends- Lorie, Sylvia and Sarah while the guys visited with Pastor Wilber in front of the grass. Just before we left, who shows up? Inno & Emmanuel! It was so great to see them! The boys have grown so tall! What an amazing day. Having a small intimate team was a really special way to start the trip!


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