Monday July 30th was our last work day. We all went to an older special
needs school to paint the class rooms. Well we thought we would be just
painting but these class rooms needed a lot more work than just painting.
As we started to roll on the paint to the wall the old paint was coming off
onto the rollers. It was a mess. There were about 4 other coats of paint
that needed to come off first! So we started to scrap all the walls. As we scraped some of the walls we created more work because we then had big holes that we had to fill in with spackle. Everyone worked so hard. We wanted to get more done than we did but we did do a lot and now the youth kids from the barrios are going to finish the rooms in the next couple of weeks. Everyone really enjoyed
helping this special needs school which gets no help from the state so the teachers were so thankful to the team for doing what we did. We were thankful that we could help in a small way.

Tuesday July 31st we took off in the morning for Lima to meet up with Tom
and the rest of the team. We toured Lima in a bus. It was a great day.
Then that night we left for home.

What a great team this was. Thanks to all of the team for all your hard
work and love you gave to the people of Peru. May you be blessed as you
have given so much.


Elizabeth Flynn
Director of Sponsorship Program

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