Here’s from Carmen:

Every life matters–this is what Tom shared with the team during this morning’s family time. It’s why were here in Peru, to help kids and women and those who have little materially experience dignity and value. When we serve others we’re showing them that we value them–that God values them.

Today was the last day in the barrios for many team members as all but nine will leave tomorrow for Lima, then Cusco. VBS was great today and everyone cherished there last moments with the kids. It was great to see the smiles of the kids and watch them laugh as they played games. The kids cheered as two barrio volunteers did a traditional dance. Tina was able to meet her sponsored child, Maria, today. It was a special time for Tina to meet her child, mother, and sister.

The construction team moved approximately 2,000 bricks today. The team had a little extra help from a sweet little boy from the barrio–the little guy totally captured the heart of Jon. The team was able to begin construction on three homes in the barrio. Everyone felt good about the work that got accomplished and the workout they received from the brick moving.

Another group went back to Jaime’s barrio to continue work on the houses. Today they were able to pour the foundation for one of the homes. The women continue to be super grateful and Jaime is amazing with the people in the barrio, forming relationships with others to help with the project. Yesterday he spoke with a man who had a backhoe and was able to get him to move a bunch of dirt for team in exchange for a Coke!

Tonight we all went with Danelle, Mike, Nicole, and Skylar to dinner. The interns from Project New Hope were also able to join us. It was great to spend some down time with everyone outside of working in the barrios and everyone took lots of pictures and shared hugs as many of us had to say goodbye. We ended the evening with some yummy cake to celebrate Nicole’s 9th birthday!

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