This just in from Carmen:

Tom talked today about faith–how sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and take steps in life where we have to go out on a limb and completely trust God with the situation. Tom shared great faith stories and challenged the team to put their faith into action.

We went to barrio 3 today and were welcomed warmly by the residents. Our VBS went well and we had lots of kids, especially in the afternoon. Alysia, Robert, and Carmen were all able to meet their sponsored kids which was a joy. Robert was able to meet Sebastian’s family and go to his home which was special. In the afternoon the kids in the barrio danced for the gringos and you could obviously see that this is something they love participating in.

On the construction side, we sent out two different teams today. One team came to barrio 3 and had intense work today. The regular construction team had to pull some of the VBS team to move bricks. They formed an assembly line and passed bricks for approximately the length of two blocks. They thought they would be doing just construction and ended up doing hard labor! The team then put up two roofs and constructed a wall with the bricks.

The other team went back to Jaime and Patty’s barrio to begin construction on two homes for the moms of kids in the program. They dug and poured the foundation for the first home. The women were so gracious and excited to see the work that was accomplished today.

This evening the team enjoyed a relaxing evening at the hotel and a group went down by the beach to do some shopping.

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