Here’s what Carmen writes today:

Today Tom shared in our family time about how we worship. We often think that worship is only what we do on Sunday mornings–in church. Tom encouraged the team to look beyond that common thought of worship and to see our lives and what we do each day as an act of worship. He challenged us to look for people who we came into contact with today as a person that God has designed for us to have a divine contact with. That we would be changed by that person as we are also changed by them.

Our VBS team had a full house–especially during the morning session. The barrio got special permission from the local school to let the kids have the day off to attend VBS. Can you imagine THAT happening in the U.S.??? The older kids loved a game where they wear hats and throw balls at each other–the balls stick to the velcro on the hats. They also had huge smiles and laughs as they raced in sacks. The little ones played with the parachute and loved placing stickers and glitter on a cross during crafts.

The construction team put on two roofs today. One home hadn’t had a roof (ever!) and the other had a roof that was in bad shape. This is Loys and Teresa’s barrio and is where the clinic was started. The team did a lot of hard labor today–mixing cement, digging trenches, and constructing footings for the foundation of another portion of the clinic. They poured cement into tall pillars, passing it in buckets to the top of ladder. Everyone worked incredibly hard to get as much done as possible. The clinic is really coming along and it’s great to see how much progress has been made on the clinic. Their anticipating the clinic to open this fall.

Dave Myers was able to meet his sponsored child, Jose. Dave brought some clothes from his own son (who’s the same age) to give to Jose. It was so sweet to see how excited Jose was to receive his new clothes. At the end of the day the kids gathered together to sing and dance for the gringos. The kids encouraged all of us to come up front and do the motions to “Every Move I Make” and everyone worked hard at keeping up with the kids as they showed us the motions–Peruvian style. Jon went the extra mile and continued to do motions for several other songs and then agreed to dance with one of the sponsored special needs kids.

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