Here is what Carmen had to say about the team activities today:

Today the rest of our team, Carmen and Alysia, arrived in Trujillo—just in time for lunch! Today was a great day as everyone was incredibly excited and eager to get started in the barrios. The VBS crew kicked off the day with a great group of kids who were so excited to be there. As the barrio kids rotated through VBS stations, the H4K VBS team worked together serving food, doing crafts, and playing lots of fun games. The kids learned about Zaccheaus, and the craft the older kids made brought them great delight as they were able to maneuver Zaccheaus up and down the tree. The day ended with a fun puppet show, some ethnic dancing, and lots of hugs and smiles from the Peruvian women who helped us and the kids we worked with all day. As we left many of the kids ran after us as we pulled out in the bus—a definite tug on everyone’s heartstrings. We’re already anticipating another great day tomorrow.

The construction crew also started up today, working in Jaime and Patty’s barrio. The crew worked on the house of a boy in the H4K orphan program. He’s 14-years-old and has some physical ailments. The team tore off a timber roof and replaced it with a tin roof, then built up the walls for more stability. The family members helped the team out with the construction—from clean-up to gathering supplies. The family was incredibly thankful for all the work the team did, especially on the roof.

We ended a great day with an amazing meal overlooking an ocean sunset. When we returned to the hotel some of the women from the barrio were there to show us the knitting products they’ve begun selling. This has been a great start-up for these women to earn money and their crafts were a definite draw for everyone. Amazingly after a very busy day, everyone was still in the mood to shop! We were able to buy some beautiful scarves, sweaters, and hats to take home.

What a great first day in the barrios. The team is still talking about their day and sharing stories about the families and kids they met. It’s great to see everyone have such a positive attitude and we’re eager to see what new adventures and smiles tomorrow will bring.

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  1. Christine Russell says:

    Thank you Rachel for posting the photo’s of Jobel, it is amazing to see that he looks to be doing well. To see your sponsored child and know that you are touching his life everyday is a feeling I can not describe. Being to Africa and not having a orphan at the time and seeing everyone with their child you can not wait to be a sponsor. It is so personal. Seeing your child in the photo’s is so beautiful. What a blessing to be able to help someone that needs you so much. Please give our love to everyone in Peru, we love you all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The team runs like a well oiled machine. The sunset dinner sounds delightful. Tell Jon and Don hello from Kelly Kiki.

    Have an amazing trip.

  3. Lisa, Scott & Meredith Foreman says:

    FOREMAN’s – We love you!!!
    Connor – What happened to Harry??
    Katie and Carly – XOXOXO Sooooo proud of you.
    Karis/Julie – Hope it is all you hoped it would be.
    SOOOO excited for all of you!!!

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