Today was another day of giving and experiencing true joy; Joy that you cannot experience any other way except to know that it comes from God and the humble servitude that Seaside Church displayed in so many ways. Today was a day where 31 of our team went back to Mumatumba and met 15 of our sponsored orphans. Those people got to be with their child for about 3-4 hours and were able to bond with them, supply them with shoes, gifts and love unconditionally.

Seven of our team, Jimmy & Denny Flanagan, Adam Gage, Adam Meyer, Elizabeth Hafney, Brandon Farmer and Justin Pratt all joined together to play soccer at the local school near Mumatumba in front of 300-400 kids with a game that ended in a tie. The experience was incredible for those who played and for those who watched. Denny and Nicole also taught at the school as did Diana Williams.

While the game was going on our hard working men led by Pastor John “the workhorse” continued to make good progress on finishing the new church. They were able to complete the prep work prior to painting and then paint the inside of the church with two coats of paint. Everyone has been really involved with all of the projects. It’s amazing how the opportunity to serve has provided so many opportunities to share Jesus Christ.

While most of the team was at the village a small team of women Vicki Dishon, Jeanette Knutsen, Yvette Jacobson, Carol Pratt and Noelle Bannon went to Smile Africa where they experience children attending pre-school and early elementary. They sang educational songs with them teaching them the “Bible” song. We also watched the seamstresses at work as they made traditional Ugandan shirts and dresses. From there they went into town to buy wash basins and other supplies to provide 22 widows an experience that can only come from a servant’s heart. These women received a foot washing, foot massage and they also had their nails polished and lipstick was applied to each one. They were then given those items as well as head scarves, bracelets, cooking pots and rice. We also gave them all flip flops except for the one woman who had no toes from leprosy who received a pair of canvas shoes Out of these 22 women 8 accepted Christ as their Savior. It was truly an amazing and uplifting experience.

Tom Eggum, president of Hope4Kids international has commented many times that the spirit of our church is amazing and we thank all of you that are praying for our team.

PS Justin say he misses Brittany.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tell Holly that i love her and miss her. It doesn’t surprise me to see her holding a baby in nearly every picture. Tell her to bring one or two home with her!!! We’ve got this bid house and lots of room . . . . Love Dad

  2. Brittany says:

    Tell Justin I miss him too!!! You guys are doing amazing things :)


  3. Anonymous says:

    Elizabeth Hafeli showing God’s love through sports! Way to go.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi to Lauren, Denny, Jimmy! The pictures are amazing – you are all doing awesome work and I am so proud of you guys!! We miss you and can’t wait to hear all of your stories. Love, Mom(Sarah)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Elizabeth OG in Uganda Ha Ha

    Love you… you are making a difference!

    Love Mom (Karen)

  6. Anonymous says:

    To the new team – I just returned with the first team from Uganda on Monday. What an incredible experience!!! Unfortunately, when I returned to work on Wednesday I was informed that that my boss Richard has brain cancer. Many people here are praying for him but I saw the incredible power of prayer in action while in Uganda. So if you would lift him up in prayer from there I know that it will make a difference. Thanks Kris Ross

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