Today’s blogger is Lyn Jacobson:

27 Seasiders took our first trip to the village where a church, Pastor Jessica’s house and restroom facilities are being built. Lead by Pastor John, Jimmy Flanagan and Brandon Farmer with continued assistance and supervision by Kurt Evans these construction heroes’s were able to texture the entire church. This was no small feat and it showed with the head to toe spackling that this team was covered in. Other work took place inside with Jack Dishon, Mark Hensley and Lyn Jacobson sanding walls and the iron grating that covered the window. We are expecting to finish the work this week so that we can hold our service in the church. This church is bigger than what we first thought and it looks like it could hold up to 100 villagers.

While construction work was taking place the women went out into the remote areas and visited widows in their native huts. This was a real experience as many of these people may have never seen a white person before. After a couple of hours visiting with 3-4 different widows they returned to Mumatumba where about 20 widows congregated to experience a thrill of a lifetime. They received a foot washing, a Vaseline rub, an electric massage and their nails polished. In addition they received a bag of rice and a cup of hot tea while they were tended to. To top off the experience they were given a pair of Tom’s shoes (a coincidence that the founder of Hope4kidsinternational is Tom and the women thought they were his shoes) Many of the women of Seaside participated in this humbling yet extremely gratifying experience. There was singing and laughter that can only be experienced with the true joy of giving.

The word that Americans were working in the village spread like wildfire and some of our team, Yvette, Lizz and Diana went over to the local school to exchange some educational ideas since they are all teachers. Once school was out we had dozens of kides playing soccer and watching us with wide eyed thanks. It really is a blessing to have this experience as a church and our hearts are filled with the experience.

The rest of our group Sam and Nicole Knutsen, Robin Williams and Nicki Collette arrived today having made the 5 hour trip from Entebbe with some interesting travel experiences as we all have had. The roads here are worse than anything you have ever seen, unless you’ve ridden on goat trails which we did today.

Here’s from Rachel:

What a great day! Half of the team stayed at the True Vine site. As you can see from the photos people were finishing up mudding Grace’s kitchen. People were playing with the kids and working in the clinic.

Prayer: Pray for the team as we put in long days-that we will remain strong. That we will be beacons of light.

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  1. Peggy Gabel says:

    HI everyone.
    I wanted to write you all and let you know we are all praying like crazy for you and last night a large group of us met at the Warehouse and was able to pray for each of you by Name!
    By all the pictures we are seeing you are all making a big difference there.
    The Lord is so pleased by all your wonderful things you are doing.
    God bless, see you soon,
    Peggy Gabel

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