Today’s blog will come to you through several team members. I hope you enjoy it.

Dear Family

I love and miss you so much!

Elaine, I’m lonely without you, but I know it was best that I come alone,…THIS TIME!

Sydney, Oliver, and Myles…I have you’re picture on my dresser and I prayed for you with tears today.

I was unpreprared for the condition of this area, but I am SO EXCITED about the future and what we can do to make a difference in the things we’ve witnessed first-hand.

I tell you all about it when I come home.

Hi, mom and dad. I know you’re thoughts are towards me, I CAN FEEL THEM.

I love you all…


Here’s from Lyn:

Welcome to the joy of Jesus Christ as witnessed at True Vine Team Ministries in Tororo. Seaside Community Church was recognized as the largest group Tom Eggum has ever brought and for over 3 hours we were treated with love as never before. Little ones were held in the arms of our team members. Justin Pratt held a little girl for almost the entire time except when he was dancing with her. Those of us that frolicked outside with almost 100 kids were flush with exuberance and exercise uncommon in most churches. Pastor Larry gave an inspiring sermon rising to the occasion and challenge of matching the spirited oratory of Tom & Pastor Wilber. We were all struck by the living power of Jesus. This is the first time I think that Larry used a translator to interpret his English into Swahili and he did great! We got some great pictures of Holly, Kylie, Lizz and Lauren holding children. They love to love you and hold your hand.

In the afternoon we all traveled to Tororo Hospital to pray and encourage patients. It was heart breaking to see the conditions that these people live in but I truly believe that God’s hand fell gently on the Ugandan people and our church as well. We had the chance to pray for two Muslim men and also had a man commit to Jesus. Eric from True Vine is a very bright man and talked to the Seaside men about the help and support that we are giving just by being here. He asked us to spread the word in the US to bring attention to the struggle in Uganda. This first full day in Uganda was a never to be forgotten experience that we will share in pictures upon our return.

This just in from Diana:

In the women’s group before church God came in a powerful way. I shared with the women (many abused and living with polygamy) how I had been put down by my husband and after thirty-one years he left me for his secretary. I told how through my faith in God and His power I don’t need a man to be happy-Only God!

Here’s from Rachel:

A small group of us went to Pastor Peter’s church in a little village outside of Tororo. We were warmly welcomed and delighted with Pastor Peter’s animated sermon. He walked up and down the aisles jumping and acting as he spoke and even went so far as picking a man up and carrying him to prove a point. I’m not sure how the man felt but the rest of us were amused and impressed.
After church the widows from that area gathered. What a great time they had. Team one left their clothing for us to distribute so each widow received a new outfit. Their joy was overflowing as we gave them rice, clothing, scarves, and basins. We passed a mirror around so they could see how pretty they were after their mini spa and as you will see in the photos their expressions were priceless! Two women said “yes” to Jesus! We found one woman with a large infected area on her foot so we had her wrap that and were only able to soak her one foot. We left money with Pastor Peter who promised to take her to the hospital.

Today’s prayer:
Pray for the team as this week is full of activities and work! This is a large team so pray for the leaders as they meet the needs of the team as well as the needs of the Ugandans.

3 Responses to “Sunday in Uganda”

  1. Jennie O says:

    Hello Seasiders and new friends,
    Your photos and reports have me smiling, crying and laughing and praying even more for all of you. I thank God!!! for His awesome plans. I can’t wait to start painting from the photos being sent. We love you and miss you. We will be praying in great numbers tonight at our special Uganda prayer meeting. Be blessed as you bless others for Christ’s sake.
    With you everyday in prayer and rejoicing. Jennie O

  2. Leslie says:

    Go Seaside! Go H4KI! GO GOD! Thanks for the pictures, the stories, the comments. It makes us a part of it too. Take care, stay healthy, follow Jesus.

    Miss you Shane. Thanks for calling.

    Love Leslie

  3. Dot says:

    HI Bubby – I miss you a lot. Play with lots of kids. Bella wishes you luck too.

    Love Dot

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