Friday June 23, 2007

Today was Team 1’s last official day. Everyone ran around trying to tie up loose ends and saying goodbye to their new friends and orphans. Some of the team went to paint Pastor Peter’s new church. They topped off the day with a baby shower for Baby Jeannie.
We had one last team gathering after dinner to wrap up our thoughts and after an emotional time we took communion and went to bed.

Saturday June 24th

Happy birthday to my sister Judy!

After our sad goodbye’s to Team one Wendy, Mary & I went to Smile Africa’s land for a celebration with the Karamonjong tribe. The Karamonjong are a despised people and are considered to be “bottom feeders”. They eat whatever they find. One such child was digging through the trash looking for something to eat and found a piece of meat attached to a dead rat. Someone had put poison on the meat in order to kill rats. The little girl removed the rat from the meat and other children saw her and began chasing her to take the meat. She shoved it all in her mouth so they couldn’t take it. Unfortunately there was enough poison on the meat that the little girl became violently ill and died. This is the type of life for the Karamonjong as they are ostracized here as the gypsies are in other parts of the world.
So Pastor Ruth has been reaching out to these people and trying to show them that God values them. She planned a party. Smile Africa and their volunteers showed the Jesus Film in Karamonjong. We also dressed open sores and prayed for people. They were fed lunch and given bags of food and clothing to take home. Spectators surrounded the compound and today everyone wished to be a Karamonjong.

We had the opportunity to walk around the compound. Pastor Ruth is waiting for funds so she can start building on her property and I was so impressed to find that while she waits the land is not lying dormant. She had someone plow up the land and has sectioned it into garden plots for the widows. It was such a joy to walk around while she explained one widow planted peanuts, another potatoes and were going to harvest the land.

When we returned from the party we found Team 2 had arrived. There will be over 50 of us together for the next week. I know it’s going to be a great team 49 people from Sea Side church in Huntington Beach, Ca. including both pastors!

We went to the True Vine site and toured the grounds and buildings with children attaching themselves to our new team members. We enjoyed taking photos, meeting new friends and playing with the children.

We have a lot to do this week so as you pray remember Team 1 as they travel home and Team 2 as we carry on with what has begun.

4 Responses to “June 23rd and 24th”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Go Seaside! We are praying for you.
    Everyone is proud of what you are doing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amen to that! Go Team Seaside and make our Lord proud!


    p.s. tell keeli i love her

  3. Peggy Gabel says:

    We are so pround of you all. And know youmust be getting tired but just keep hanging on… Our thoughts and tons of prays are with you all….
    Hug a child for us today!
    God Bless!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This note might come a billion times, because I don’t see it on the blog, but each time I will say… I’m so pround of you all… All of us are praying for each of you…

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