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It’s Thursday already. We can’t believe we are winding down our time here, except for Mary,Jenn,Robert,Stephan,Rachel and Tom who are staying for another three weeks. At dinner tonight a few of us were talking and saying in some respects the time has gone so fast and in other respects we have seen and experienced so much that we feel we have become part of the fabric of this place.

Each night Pastor Bob shows us our pictures from the day on his laptop (complete with music!). We marvel each time at the transparency of these people. They show us who they are every day. We find ourselves becoming so much more transparent too.

Today was a celebration at the True Vine School. Brenda and Bob prepared puppet crafts for nursery through P4 (4th grade). The nursery students made paper bag cat puppets with Scott, Cody, Cristine, Kris and Virginia. Bob, Brenda, Esther and Dave helped the P1 and P2 students make wooden spoon puppets. Pam, Emily, Jenn and Carolyn had sock puppets for the P3 and P4s. It was such a joy. They are so eager to try anything we put before them. The colorful yarn hair, the “googly” eyes, the stickers for nose and mouth all went on the puppets with smiles and giggles.

We also taught them songs. “Deep and Wide”, “If you’re happy and you know it”, Rise and Shine”. They have gorgeous voices and love to sing.

In P4 we also had time to do a play about Noah. The book was read as the children acted out the parts from Noah to his family and the animals. The student who played Noah when asked what he knew about Noah said, “He was a faithful man who listened to God.” These kids know their Bible!

For lunch, the teachers prepared six or eight local dishes and thanked us with a teachers’ luncheon Uganda style. It was wonderful! The two chickens we had for lunch had been a gift to Rich from an outlying school. They were part of a fabulous lunch and amazing day.

Virgina, Kris and Esther also went out with Rachel and Wendy to visit widows for another tea. Rachel reported that 5 women accepted Christ today. Praise God for blessing this ministry.

Until tomorrow.

Psalm 34:6 “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”

Here’s from Rachel:

What a great day with the widows. Cindi from Gisela, AZ sent money to buy a bed for Cali. She’s 110-yr-old widow who accepted Christ a year ago and we’ve been working with her each time we come back. She still plants a garden and has a lot of spunk! We brought her the bed along with a picture of Cindi and told her that a woman in the US cared so much about her she wanted to buy her a bed. She was so happy and kept saying “Thank you. God bless you!” She also got a new pair of shoes.
Twelve women rejoiced together at Cali’s neighbor, Regina’s house. Regina accepted Christ last November and is usually quiet when we arrive. Today she was dancing and hugging me and shouting “Sweetie! Sweetie!” over and over. I didn’t think she’d ever stop. I’d introduce her to the others and she seemed to calm down then she’d start again grabbing me, hugging me and shouting “Sweetie! Sweetie!” Our interpreter said that means, “My best friend.”

Two women wanted to accept Jesus at the beginning of the spa/tea party. When we started to leave our interpreter said, “We can’t leave yet. You have three more women who are waiting for you to pray with them to accept Jesus as savior!”

Thank you to the many supporters of this ministry for making all these events happen. The hospital, the school, the orphan projects and the widows. We are the fortunate ones who get to come and do all this and see the results but there are so many of you at home praying, collecting items, supporting our projects financially. . . It’s you who changes the lives of the people. Like Cindi, many of you give toward a bed, a goat, hospital supplies, general funds, etc to change lives. Cali will never be the same. When she sleeps on her new bed she’ll dream of a woman in America whom she may never meet but cared enough to give so a 110-yr-old woman in Uganda could sleep comfortably for the first time in her life.

My friend Celina is a single mom with a limited income. She didn’t have money to give but she had baby clothes her daughter had outgrown. Now the triplets who had NOTHING to wear are dressed in those clothes.

Mae and Audrey are retirees who collect things for Hope4kids and are always thinking of the Ugandans. Mae gathers medicine and hospital supplies and they are both great supporters of our widows’ and women’s projects.

I could go on and on. Your names are too numerous to list but Thank You for your hearts and your generosity.

Today’s prayer: Pray for the new team as they arrive and acclimate to Kenya by going on a safari. Pray for this great team here as they wind down their work and leave on Saturday morning making room for the arrival of the team from Sea Side in the afternoon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Carolyn…loved your blog from thursday. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Reading your entries make me smile and I feel like can just see the beautiful faces of the kids. Enjoy your safari. vicki

  2. Phyllis says:

    Hi Carolyn:

    Keep up the great work that God had intended for you to do.

    You are a miracle in their eyes!

    We are praying for you and the Team.

    Take care and talk to ya soon.


    Phyllis & Dick

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