As I promised yesterday this is the report written by Carolyn, Christine, Cody and Scott.

So much has happened since we have been here! Our team has spent Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday at the True Vine site meeting the loving and generous people.

We had our adventures in Kenya after arriving at Nairobi. The roads promise a challenge around every corner; the sights and sounds were unfamiliar- then a coca cola billboard appears. The safari through Lake Nakuru park gave us up close experiences with zebras, rhinos, water buffalo, gazelles, impalas and a lake ringed with flamingos.

Our team with our African drivers and friends have gotten very close during these long bus rides. We chat, listen to iPods and share our excitement at almost reaching the Hope4Kids site- the reason we all came.

Friday afternoon after traveling through gorgeous mountain countryside dotted with farms, we arrived at the Kenyan border. After presenting our passports and forms, we headed toward the Ugandan border. We gave up a cheer when we entered Uganda. Everyone was dirty and tired of sitting in the bus, but after checking in to the hotel, we couldn’t wait to get to the site.

Our 5 minute ride to the site and we were ready to take a tour. It is hard to describe that first visit. The children circled our parked bus, smiling and waving. They were so open, so excited, so ready to hold our hands, get and give hugs. Their beautiful faces so eager to get to know us.

We took a tour of the church, the new school still without windows, chalkboard or even stucco covering the bricks and mortar. The children were so proud, showing us their desks which are the long “Little House on the Prairie” type. We visited the clinic and hospital, stopping to meet and pray with the mothers and children. Every step of the way, our children stayed close. The prize was to hold one of our hands. We were all wishing we had more than two to offer.

After several hours of spending time with them, just getting to know each other- no agenda, no hurry, we went back to the hotel for dinner. We shared our experiences with each other and anticipated Saturday.

Arriving at the site about 9:30 a.m., there were the children waiting for us. Our team brought so many talents. Cody and Scott playing futbol (soccer). Virginia and Cristine sat in a circle teaching songs. A large colorful parachute was unpacked and the kids went wild. Never have we seen such laughter as tons of kids jumped under and around. The day came to another quick end as we finished up with dinner and headed to bed.

Today, we went to the True Vine Ministries church service. The service started with the most beautiful singing and most outward dancing and worship. The people were so true and pure in the way they worshipped. The mzungu’s (white people) were dancing and singing among their African brothers and sisters. After service we headed back to the Classic Rock Hotel for lunch and shortly after headed to the Tororo government hospital. This hospital was the most unsanitary depressing experience most of us have seen but it was important to remember God’s mission for us as we prayed over 100+ patients.

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  1. Christine says:

    Please greet Carolyn from her friends at Church of the Cross.
    Tell her I will pass on the updates to our Book Club this evening.
    You guys are amazing co-workers with our Lord Jesus Christ!
    May He bless you and protect you.
    Christine Emmons

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