We went skiing in the Andes!!!

What a fun day we had! We were given choices on our free day to go to the Andes or to stay in Chillan to shop, rest and/or visit a pottery shop.

I went with the group to the mountains! What a thrill to ski or should I say fall down the mountain! John, Robert, Fernando & I were first time skiers. John and Robert picked it up quickly and Robert was hot dogging within a couple of hours. Poor Fernando and I didn´t do as well. He finally gave up but I was determined. Once when I fell on my back and heard my neck crunch as my head hit the hard snow I thought, ¨I wonder if this is how people break their necks skiing”. It was a fun day and it really was exciting to know that we were skiing the Andes.

Donald, Bev and Krista were pros and Tom left us all behind as he went to the top slope. He had to take pictures of himself because there was no one there to take them!

The boys, Tyler and Joey went snowboarding. They were such an encouragement to me as they would go over on the ski lift and yell down, “Don´t give up Rachel!” I´d struggle to my feet, wave and say, “Okay. I won´t!”

Whitney & Uncle Tom went to the mountains too but chose to hang out in the lodge and chill all day.

Some of us are a little sore in places but happy to have had such an opportunity. Thanks once again for praying.

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