What a trip!!! We had another A+ team and accomplished many things!!

Elizabeth and her team visited over 700 orphans! Fifty of them were new orphans waiting to be sponsored.
They gave out 250 goats (with 250 remaining to be given out in November) .
375 pair of shoes!!
Plus a whole lot of food and small gifts for the families and guardians of our orphans.

The widow’s team gave out
27 mattresses
9 beds (we just started purchasing beds this time to get those mattresses off the floor!)
A new hut for Wazemba!
100’s of pounds of food!
Tote bags filled with toiletries and necessities

We moved a widow with nine children out of a desperate situation into a two room house and paid her first year’s rent
We moved another widow with five children out of a dingy, one room place that flooded each time it rained into temporary housing while she waits for her new home to be built (paid for by team members of a previous trip)

For the widow’s tailoring class we purchased:
An overlock sewing machine
A hand machine for disabled women
A knitting machine
Fabric for 12 students

Robert’s electrical team worked on lighting problems
Maintained the generator
Worked with the power company to bring in quality power poles and lines
Planned for future growth

The True Vine church received a new sound system
A beautiful drum set
Electric guitars and amps
Music lessons from Pat, Sean and Kristi

DJ’s painting crew accomplished a tremendous amount of work;
They painted inside and out of three homes as well as the guest house!

And of course we had our grand finale of the tea for the women of Uganda!

Top and foremost was five widows gave their lives to Christ as well as nine children!! Those are those we know of! We don’t know the impact this team made and trust that the ripple will influence Ugandans as well as Americans for a long time to come!

On our way to the airport we stopped at the source of the Nile where only the bravest of us took a boat ride to a tiny island to see where the Nile begins and Lake Victoria ends.

Then while some shopped in Kampala the crazier people decided to munch on grasshoppers! Even MAE!! Gross!

Thanks for all your prayers and support. If you’d like to come along for the adventure of a lifetime contact Carla@hope4kidsinternational.org

p.s. Eating grasshoppers and white ants are totally optional!! Did anyone tell Mae that???

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