Many of our group were invited to lunch in the homes of the local people. They discovered lunch was not just in ONE home-they were involved in a progressive lunch! Then when they returned to the site they discovered they were invited to dinner at someone else’s house! They were full physically, emotionally and spiritually by the time they returned to the hotel. The locals were so excited to host them and wanted them to bless their homes. Paul said, “We had to pray when we entered their homes-then over the meal-then we had to pray a blessing over their homes-then pray to leave!”

Elizabeth took a team way out to places where some have never seen white people. In one area people stood around staring at them until one of the Ugandans said, “Stop staring at them like they are animals!”

There was still a lot of activity on the True Vine site. DJ remained on task with his painting team and finished painting three houses and they are now starting to paint the guest house. Kristi worked in the hospital while Mae and Audrey continued to test people for reading glasses. One of the nurses came to work with labor pains. They haven’t gotten the idea of having their babies in the hospital yet so she went home and had the baby there. Some of us went to her tiny one-room home and crowded around to see her newborn baby boy. All the kids in the neighborhood swarmed the doorway trying to see too.

We will be leaving for the States-home to our loved ones early Wednesday morning with a stop at the Source of the Nile and shopping in Kampala. I’ll be doing the wrap up when I return home.

Thanks for your prayers and for coming along with us.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Always, your pictures have told such wonderful stories, Rachel. Thank you so, for recording so much of daily life in your village. See you soon, and have a good flight home, you guys,
    with love from Jeannine

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