Elizabeth, Jenn, Angie, Jim, Gwen and Tom Flynn went to Pastor Peter’s church for the Sunday morning service. Fellowship church of Anthem sponsors and are paying for the new building of this church. They had a great time and had trouble pulling away to get to lunch.

The rest of us went to the main True Vine church where David preached another great sermon! We said a sad goodbye to Pat and Colleen. They were such a blessing to the team and Colleen added a whole lot of life to all that we did!

After lunch part of the team went to the farm where Angie and a couple others lost their senses and started kissing pigs!

Sean, Janet, Kent, Laura, Robert, Wendy, Greg, Pastor Peter, Andrew, George, and I went to Kiri Mintiri’s (a widow with whom we’ve been working). She sent a message saying she was ready to accept Christ and would we come to pray with her. So we all crammed into the van to Kiri’s house. She welcomed us warmly and Pastor Peter led her in a prayer of salvation. Her 50-year-old son who had been praying for her for years said, “Mama. Now is the time to burn your witchcraft items. You don’t need them anymore.” She brought out her idols and drum used for witchcraft and said, “Burn them.” Then she brought out her homemade still and said she didn’t want to make and sell alcohol anymore either. We gave her money to start a new business. She said she is going to use it to buy and sell fish.

We told Kiri that her neighbor Cadija had accepted Christ too and changed her name to Wazemba. She wanted to go see her so we loaded MORE people into the van and went to see Wazemba. Kiri told her she was now “saved” and the two widows rejoiced together.

When we returned to the hotel we found a number of True Vine people at the swimming pool wanting to be baptized. David and Sean baptized them. Angie wanted Pastor Wilber to baptize her so when they entered the pool David said he wanted Pastor Wilber to baptize him too. What a day of rejoicing this Sunday was!!

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