Elizabeth took a team to the Tororo districts to present more goats and shoes. They had to vaccinate the goats. They gathered the children and goats to take a group picture. It was NOT easy! The team of 13 and five goats were in the van and gifts of two chickens, sugar cane and other items.

A group of us were in town shopping for items for the tea party. One of our widows, Fatuma, came by. We greeted her warmly and pulled her into the store with us. Colleen asked me, “Does she know Jesus?” “No.” “Let’s ask her if she wants to know Jesus.” We took her on the bus with us. She said, “Because I had leprosy no body wants me around them. But you have come to my home-you’ve given me gifts and shown me love. I know that is Jesus in you. I want to know him too.” Pastor Ruth prayed with her and she received Christ.

Those who didn’t go out with Elizabeth or to town remained at the site with Jim working on the generator and DJ heading up the paint crew. People are so busy I can’t keep up with them all but know that all are well and having a great time ministering to these Ugandans.

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