Today was another full day!

A group went out to visit some village churches, one of which is sponsored by Pat,Shawn and Janet’s church , South side of Spokane, WA. Pastor Justis welcomed them warmly and even had a fabulous lunch prepared for them. We have a “Build a Village” program. for $22,500 you can purchase land; build a church, clinic, pastor’s house,and dig a well. this also buys a sound system, a generator and all the furnishings for the church and pastor’s house. To date there have been three villages sponsored. As the team visited the site they found in one area people have been walking six miles round trip to fetch water. Those who cannot walk that far collect water from puddles and collect water when it rains. This water is used for drinking as well as bathing and washing clothes and dishes so just digging the well alone will ease burdens as well as provide clean drinking water-thus saving lives.

The team also bought food for the village. Bill figured it all out=they gave out enough food for 1600 meals at 10 cents per meal! About the same as it would cost to take your family of four to a nice dinner.

We arrived at the site to work on Cadija who is now called Wazemba’s house to find her old hut had totally collapsed! Her cries woke the neighbors about midnight and they had to pull her from the rubble! She suffered a bump on the back of her head but is okay and happy that she can move into her new home tonight. Her new pink purse came out unharmed! She is rejoicing that the timing of her new home was so on target and so excited to move into a bigger and nicer hut that the trauma had no effect on her mood.

Elizabeth led a team to Kenya to visit some orphans just across the border. They had some crazy people like Kent and Laura and Audrey and Kristi singing and laughing all the way. They had a great time handing out goats and gifts to the orphans there and then sang and laughed all the way back!

Wendy, Greg and I went to see widows with Pastor Ruth, taking mattresses, food, new totes and other gifts. They were so overwhelmed. One cried, “Who am I that God should care about me? I never dreamed anyone would come bringing such wonderful gifts.” We met another widow named Wazemba! I’ve never heard that name and neither has Pastor Wilber so we were shocked to meet two in two days! She told us Wazemba means “season of planting and sowing”. We also had the honor of leading her to a new life in Christ.

Pastor Ruth has helped many widows start up their own businesses in order to sustain themselves. We sat in huts and women brought out necklaces they have made and showed us foodstuffs they make and sell along the road.

In Gilbert, AZ there is a group of women called Quilt Angels. They meet every Monday to sew quilts for the residents of House of Refuge East. They took the women of Uganda on as a project and made 100 totes for them as well as donating money for an overlock machine and what they call here a hand machine. Pastor Ruth desires to train disabled widows and since their sewing machines are treadle some weren’t able to learn. Now thanks to the Quilt Angels they are going to be trained and operate the machines by hand. AND there was enough money to purchase a knitting machine! They are all so grateful and excited. They also have copied the totes by the Quilt Angels and are making their own now with Smile Africa tags!

Thanks for your prayers. There is so much to tell I can’t do it all here but know that your support is making a HUGE difference and lives are being changed for today and for eternity.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello to all! This is Kim, Steph’s sister-in-law. Just wanted to say a special hello to Steph and Colleen. We miss you & we love you!! It has been so wonderful to be able to follow all of you through the pictures and blogs. All of you have been such a blessing on this trip. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. brookebrandom says:

    Hello team Uganda! This is Brooke, Bill and Cindy’s daughter and I just wanted to say that I love reading about your trip and it really seems like God is at work there right now. Mom and Dad I miss you so much, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless and keep giving love…because that will never run out.
    In His Hands,

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