April 16

Today was a busy day as some of our orphans came for goats and shoes. Sam, Laura, Janet, Cindy and Gwen helped sort and fit shoes. Angie took pictures for Elizabeth as she picked up her husband, Tom and Jen.

DJ, Paul, Jamie, Kent and Greg painted a house. Jim worked on the generator. Robert held and electrical class and lined up materials for building Cadija’s new hut.

Kristi helped out in the clinic and went to town to stock up on medicine.

Pat, Colleen and Stephanie stopped in homes checking on friends and bought enough food to feed a village they will be visiting.

Pat also gave clarinet lessons while Kristi taught guitar and Bill taught the trumpet. We are looking forward to a concert soon.

David preached on the radio and held an afternoon service.

Wendy worked with orphans and orientated Kristi to the clinic/hospital.

Mae and Audrey ran the eyeglass clinic. Mae took time out to spend with her sponsored child and to take a motorcycle ride. The children were laughing and so excited to see a grandma riding on a motorcyle!

Some of us also delivered all the purses to Pastor Ruth and prepared for the tea party.

Tom told us how hard the Africans have to work to build things and when three men dug a septic pit for us they had to dig it by hand. It took three months for them to dig a 30X30 foot wide pit which is also about 30 feet deep. He walked us out to see it and we were all in awe as we realized these men did this with only picks and shovels. They had no levels or way of measuring. It was all by sight. Robert called it the eighth wonder of the world.

Tomorrow will be an extremely busy day. Keep us in your prayers.

2 Responses to “April 16”

  1. candice says:

    hello to Scott and Akua and the boys. WE took their family portraits last yr.
    Missing everyone, and so happy to see pictures and see the blog to feel like we are there. It is rainy and cold in Denver.

  2. Kristin Padilla says:

    Hi and Love to All. Angie, just thinking of you and miss you. You are all in my prayers. xxKristin

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