We went to church! Those who wanted to dance with the Africans got up and had a great time. Some of us observed with cameras flashing and videos rolling. Pastor Dave preached an inspiring sermon; Pastor Birtch played the guitar and led us in some worship songs he wrote and three hours later we emerged into the bright sunlight to greet friends and meet new people.

After lunch at the hotel and a short rest we went to the local hospital where most people go to die. It was the condition of this hospital that caused Hope4Kids to long for a hospital on True Vine site. (Our hospital is in Phase one with limited operation.) The team wandered through the wards praying for people who have no hope and several gave their lives to Christ. I think most of the team went away feeling such gratitude for the hospitals we have in the United States. It’s a difficult concept to grasp when you realize that the families have to take food and care for the patient-even dispensing their medicine! If you have no one you just lie there untreated.

After dinner we all dragged our Hope4Kids bags into a conference room and organized the purses and gifts for the tea party which will be held for pastor’s wives on Saturday. We started out planning for 100 women-then it changed to 150-now there are 200 invited guests!! Pray that we have enough because it’s a given that more will show up! It was a fun time seeing the team working together, kicking in ideas and making a difficult task light.

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