Elizabeth and her team of orphan workers went to Bugiri to deliver goats and shoes to the orphans in that area. As you can see by the photos the children were thrilled with their gifts.

Pat, Colleen, Wendy and I went with Pastor Ruth out to the bush. Pastor Ruth and her friends who care for street boys take them to a pastor in the bush when they are addicted to glue. They take them at night so the boys can’t find their way to town to get glue. The pastor and his family keep the boys up to one year and the success rate is pretty high. We looked at the tiny quarters and wondered how a family of five could live there AND share with street boys. For lunch they were having some greens they found in the bush and sweet potatoes. They were grateful for the boxes of food we brought. Anwar is the boy they are caring for now.

The team finally arrived at the hotel! Happy to be here we spent time getting acquainted; settling into their rooms and eating a hearty buffet lunch. They told us about the great safari and all the animals they were able to see. I managed to get a few pictures for the website.
We hopped on the bus and toured the True Vine site. Some played with children; others prayed for patients in the hospital and held the triplets; Pastor Birtch set up the new drum set. When the Ugandans saw the beautiful new drum set they could hardly contain their excitement. Then Birtch wowed them with a drum solo while everyone clapped, danced and cheered. Much to everyone’s delight Pastor Wilber sat down showing his talent by picking up the beat. Other church members took turns and no one wanted to go home.

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